How to Achieve Permanent Enlargement?

Penis ExercisesAn Issue that Concerns Men

Most men are too conscious of their private’s size. Too afraid to be bullied or rejected, most of these men resort to sexual abstinence. Penis size, indeed; is a growing topic of men regardless of nationality, age group, and sexual preference.

Before, the discussion about penile size is considered a taboo that men secretly talk about the subject matter. Today, because of sexual liberation, men are openly conferring their concerns without restrictions.

What is the Ideal Penis Size?

Since penis size has become a popular concern among men, we cannot help but wonder what the male population considers as a perfect size for their reproductive organ.

In previous beliefs, penis size is proportional to a man’s stature that it is easy to conclude that guys with huge physique have larger package compared to guys who have small to medium-built.

However, new studies have concluded that there is no definite correlation between penis size and body built. Furthermore, researchers discovered that there are several predisposing aspects affecting an organ’s size; written below are the said factors:

  • Genetic profile
  • Nationality
  • Medication Regimen
  • Heart Health Conditions
  • Endocrine Health Conditions

Measuring the Penis’ Length

Because of the different factors, manhood’s size differs from one person to another. Generally, the length of an erect penis averages between 5.0-6.0 inches. A flaccid penis, on the other hand, approximately measures 3.5-4.0 inches in length.

It is a fact that most men are between these categories. Unfortunately, there are males that fall below average length and it concerns them.

Why Does Size Matters?

The male population commonly believes that sexual satisfaction is related to the size of the male reproductive organ. This notion is attributed from the varying comments of the female counterpart.

In the Internet, men often read reviews that women prefer a humungous penis over the minute one. According to testimonials, majority of women derives ultimate sexual pleasure on men with large penis.

Regrettably, these statements ruin the ego of men, specially the guys born with micropenis. Hence, these views become the holding reasons why boys demand for methods to permanently enlarge their penis.

The Efforts of the Natural Regimen

For people who are discontented of their manhood, do not be troubled because there is a method that boosts your girth and boosts your confidence. The natural way to enhance a male organ is through masturbation exercise.

Yes, this is a primal hand exercise yet it is considered the best way to enhance the male reproductive organ. Moreover; masturbation is free, pleasurable, and safe.

Ever since masturbation is utilized, there have been no recorded incidents attesting for adverse effects. To achieve optimum results, masturbation has to be performed for 1 hour and at least 5 times a week for 6 months duration.

How to Achieve Permanent Enlargement through Surgery?

Bathmate DoctorThere are different approaches to achieve a permanent enlarged penis. For immediate results, men often prefer Phalloplasty. Phalloplasty is a reconstructive surgery performed by a certified medical practitioner.

This penis enlargement strategy works by cutting a penis’ ligament that restrains the shaft to lengthen during erection. Because this is an invasive procedure, men who want it have to be certain of their decision.

Indeed, Phalloplasty ensures permanent enlargement of the penis but males should consider the adverse effects prior to the surgery.

How to Achieve Permanent Enlargement through Penis Pump?

Penis pump is a device that promises permanent enlargement of the penis. This is a non-invasive apparatus that best works with men who desire the conservative approach. Specifically, penis pump is a cylinder where the shaft can be inserted.

As the machine is turned on, the water inside the cylinder forces pressure into the penis; thereby, increasing its girth, length, and width. To the men who will use this device, read the manual properly to prevent permanent penile damage.

Encompassing the Old Way, Enlarge the Penis in a Contemporary Manner

Aside from penile surgery and penis pump, there are several methods that promise penile enlargement.

Before utilizing any of these man-made techniques, it is best that assessment and evaluation of the products must be rendered; in these ways, users are assured of safety. The following are the new approaches to penis enlargement:

  • Penis Stretcher;
  • Male Enlargement Pills;
  • Medicinal Patches;
  • Penis Enlargement Lotion and Pills;

Reconsidering the Downside

Studies have showed that modern ways to enlarge a penis can be harmful to a human body. Men who have used these products experienced beneficial and untoward results.

By simply reading online reports and testimonials, it is undeniable that negative reviews are connected to the artificial methods for penis enlargement. To be specific, here are the harmful outcomes of man-made enlargement schemes:

  • Erectile Dysfunction;
  • Permanent Vascular Damage of the Penis;
  • Chronic Pain at the affected area;
  • Impotence;
  • Hormonal Imbalance;
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction;

Sexual Satisfaction is all in the Mind

Will Hydro Pumps Enlarge Your PenisIt is true that men and women have preferences concerning their partner’s physique. Nevertheless, man should not be too preoccupied with his genital.

The girth, length, and width of a penis are not the ultimate measures for a pleasurable, lasting, intimate relationship. To achieve sexual satisfaction, make use of these tips:

  1. Self-confidence enhances a sexual experience by allowing the body to maximize its production of good hormones such as dopamine and endorphin. The high level of good hormones in the body promotes satisfying orgasm.
  2. Romantic ambiance heightens the sexual senses of partners by providing an atmosphere conducive for sexual intercourse.
  3. Creativity and surprises are vital elements in an intimate relationship by increasing the partners’ opportunity to explore each other’s body.
  4. Use of sex toys ignites orgasm by specifically targeting the body’s pleasure points.

Adding Spices into the Relationship

The different approaches to penis enlargement are effective in their own ways. For instance, Bathmate penis pump is offering promising results to men. Bathmate penis pump has been utilized by many males; so, anyone can try this after proper scrutiny.

After all, health must be the top priority of men when they think of ways to enlarge their penis. It is an essential factor because most males disregard the harmful effects just to obtain their desired results.