Choosing Between Penis Pumps and Hydro Pumps – Which Is Better?

Penis LengthIt is an undeniable fact that we are all familiar with penis pumps. These are small devices that have been available in the market for many years already and are used by many males to enlarge the size of their genitals.

They work wonderfully by creating a vacuum to pull blood to the penis to create a strong erection. With the development of today’s technology, advanced versions of the penis pump have been developed and are enticing aa lot of males in the world.

One of the advanced versions of these penis pumps is the Bathmate penis pump.

Many companies have been selling these devices to help men create a long term enlargement of their genitalia.

There are still a lot of people who are curious about these devices and there are some who are yet undecided on which one is better between the classic penis pumps or the Bath mate penis pump, sometimes referred to as hydro pump.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the differences between penis pumps and hydro pumps.

Penis Pumps

An erection happens when blood flow in the penis increases which cause the arteries and veins to expand and become firm.

This is the natural process of penile erection. In the utilization of a penis pump, the penis is placed inside a chamber and the air is then sucked out using a pump.

This causes a vacuum inside the chamber, causing the increase of the blood flow in the penis and gradually expanding and increasing the size of the penis.

Some penis pumps come with a tight ring to be placed at the base of the penis and will be removed when the erection is no longer needed.

There are some things that a person must do before using the penis pump. A light massage or warm compress should be done to create a full or ¾ of an erection.

Make certain that you apply adequate lubricant in the chamber and also on the genitals to prevent injury caused by the friction as the penis starts to expand inside the chamber.

It is also advisable to shave or trim excess pubic hairs before doing the said exercise.

After completing the workout, the penis should look significantly longer, limited to about 8 – 10 hours. Immediately after the workout the penile tissues will attempt to repair the damage done and return to the penis to its pre workout state.

The principle behind this device is micro tear and repair gradually increases the size of the penis. Though results may not be that significant at first, a continuous usage will definitely show a good result.

Here is the recommended time length usage per day:

Week 1: one 10 minutes session per day
Week 2: one 15 minutes session per day
Week 3: two 10 minutes session per day
Week 4: two 10 minutes session per day
Week 5: one 20 minute session and one 10 minute session per day
Week 6: two 20 minutes session per day
Week 7: three 20 minutes session per day

Every week gradually increase the duration of the workout to get the best results.

Injuries cannot be avoided especially to those guys who are overly anxious to see the results. Too much pressure is not good. That is why it is recommended to take the exercise slowly and gradually increase its intensity.

Usual Penis Pump DeviceSome of the common injuries experienced by these males would include:

  • Skin blotches
  • Doughnut effect
  • Water blisters
  • Broken capillaries
  • Ruptured arteries and veins

These symptoms are usually relieved after a number of days. In more severe form of injury it is recommended to take a couple of weeks off from the exercise to allow full recovery of the damaged tissues.

Just bear in mind to take it slow and gradually increase the pressure to keep thing safe.

Hydro Pumps

The hydro pump is a variation of a pump for the penis. It uses the same principles on enlarging the male genitalia. Typically used with warm water, this promotes a good stimulation and erection.

The good thing about the hydro pump is that it prevents bruising and a having a hickey effect after the work out.

The use of water enables the user to endure greater pressure and for a longer period of time. Compared to regular penis pumps, you can use the hydro pump 4 days in a week and get better results.

The first thing that you will realize about hydro pump is that it is really different from other penis pumps available in the market today. Though it uses the same underlying principles, the difference is that it promotes equal growth of the penile tissues.

Another good thing about the hydro pump is that the penis is constantly lubricated and moisturized preventing injuries caused by friction. This also prevents hazards from dryness and too much pressure.

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from Bathmate Penis pump:

  • You can grow your penis 3-4 inches from the pump alone
  • A great solution who want to increase the size of their penis
  • You can continually use the pump to increase the girth of the penis
  • A greater sexual gratification can be achieved
  • Your sexual experience will be taken to a whole new level
  • It is guaranteed safe to use
  • Scientifically proven to be effective
  • Men who have problems with erectile dysfunction can now be helpedProblems with premature ejaculation can now be ended

Penis Enlargement with Bath mate hydropumpsNow that you already have an idea of the difference between penis pumps and hydro pumps you can surely choose which between the two is better and safer for you to use.

Just make sure that you seek the advice of a specialist before you purchase these devices especially if you have problems with blood flow.

If you want a quick, safe, and real easy way to increase the size of your penis without spending too much money on surgery and other ineffective and dangerous drugs, the Bathmate penis pump will the be best option for you to consider and choose.

You will surely have what you want if you consider this type of penis pump.