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Federal Trade Commission: Disclosure Notice and Policy

FTC-logoWe owners and employees working at hold nothing but the highest standards in the industry in regards to transparency, which we believe to be integral to showing respect to our readers, visitors, and affiliate partners. We hold no secrets, in addition to which we always have been, are, and always will be in utmost compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s media disclosure policies and regulations.


It is hereby officially declared that Apartment Therapy is actively participating in an affiliate program in conjunction with As such, if an affiliate link is created on a website owned by Apartment Therapy, and if someone buys a Bathmate product through that link, the affiliate agent will receive a certain payment in the form of a commission.


As it happens, from time to time, us workers at Apartment Therapy accept to publish posts that are clearly categorized as being sponsored advertisements (pretty much just like Google Ads). They are clearly delineated so as to ensure there is a separation between sponsored and editorial content to avoid any confusion. The process of creating this type of content is different and completely separate from the editorial process by which articles and reviews come to be posted on the website, ensuring that paid-for content doesn’t get mixed up with genuine articles.


Not a single piece of content on the website, let it be a regular article or a product, is driven through incentives by external companies or individuals. Of course, the only exceptions to that rule are the sponsored posts and affiliate links, but their purpose was already discussed in great depth.

All the content is generated without there being any type of payment, and absolutely no compensation, regardless of whether done in money or via other methods, is accepted by us. Needless to say, solicitation of the sort on our part is completely forbidden and out of the question. All the content is fueled by genuine effort, research, testing, knowledge and the belief it will be beneficial for both us and our customers.

In addition to that, conducts thorough and fair tests as well as reviews of all the products promoted on the site. The process is completely transparent, and our customers have as much access to the results as we do. It ought to be mentioned that all opinions and views expressed by a reviewer in a piece of writing about a specific product are never influenced in any way by money or other benefits.

The reviews are not sponsored by other companies, manufacturers, or third-party agents. Though it is true we are provided free copies of products for personal testing, they have absolutely no sway over the opinions expressed in our reviews, which are always written in hopes of providing our customers with the most relevant and accurate information possible on the subject at hand.

For more information visit the Federal Trade Commission website.