Enlarge Your Penis Safely and Naturally

Penis LengthPenis enlargement is mostly considered as a joke at worst or, at best, a fringe wing of the health profession, suitable for male film stars. This judgment could not be further from the true situation.

Studies have depicted that men and women in the recent society subconsciously associate the size of the penis to fertility and masculine power. This editorial extols way on how to enlarge your penis safely.

Penis Enlargement

Millions of men out there dream of having larger penises though many are of the opinion that penile enlargement is a myth. Most of them are conflicted and confused.

With such debates as whether a larger penis is more efficient than a smaller one during sex, there is much that one can possibly think.

However, one thing is crystal clear; with small penis comes minute confidence and for such a person, the desire to have a larger penis is just but a natural response.

Advantages of Having a Larger Penis

So, why do people want to have larger penises? Through deep research, I have discovered that having a bigger penis comes with thrilling benefits. It is said to be visually impressive but apart from that it comes as a confidence booster.

Stipulated below are some of the advantages you can avail after enlarging you penis.

1. Better Sex

It is important to note that getting a larger penile size does not entail the length alone but encompasses the breadth aspect as well.

Ladies have reported that, it is the added thickness to the penis that improves the moment pleasure by providing mind blowing orgasms. A long penis might be attractive but in bed, it is the thicker penis that takes the day.

2. Confidence Booster

Happy woman and manMen who impress their spouses in bed are said to have better, inflated confidence. This is probably due to the feeling of self pride. Gaining that respect from your girlfriend and admiration from your peers will most definitely boost your confidence.

This confidence is attributed to success in life as love affairs.

3. Sex Endurance

Apart from fulfilling your spouse’s sexual needs, having a bigger penis will make you realize sexual satisfaction as well. Larger penises have the ability to hold in semen, thus avoid premature ejaculation.

This is attributed to its low sensitivity which aids in making you have better control in bed.

Ways of Enlarging your Penis Safely

There are multiple ways in which you can increase the size of your penis. Natural methods of enlargement are not only the safest but they are without a doubt, the most effective according to recent research.

Here are some techniques and strategies that you can employ to enlarge your penis effectively and safely.

1. Jelqing

This is probably the most effective way of achieving your goal. Jelqing is practically the milking of your manhood and it seeks to promote the flow of blood to the penis.

Practicing this exercise will gradually increase the blood capacity of your penis permanently and by extension increase the size of your penis. Form a circle with your thumb and first finger then hold your penis at the base using that circle.

Stroke the length of the shaft slowly and gently, right to the tip, applying pressure but not too much to the extent of squeezing your penis.

The second exercise involves the pubococcygeus muscle which is situated between the anus and the scrotum. This muscle can be trained to sustain a longer and thicker erection as well as aid in holding back ejaculation.

You can easily train your muscle by trying to hold back urine during urination. In time, you will notice that you have gained control and ability to hold back ejaculation. This also aids in increasing blood flow to the penis and thus increasing its size.

It is important to learn how to do these exercises properly for good results, otherwise, poor practise will not reveal the expected results.

2. Losing Weight

Men who have big or weighty bodies are known to have small penises. This is because more of the penis is “hidden” inside the body. Losing weight will help increase the amount of tissue that is visible.

Exercise done to lose weight will also aid in increasing blood flow to the penis increasing its length and girth.

You may also consider “toning” the pelvic region. This will increase the strength of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in that region allowing you to have better control over the girth of your penis’ erection.

Strengthening the muscle that controls erection will help you thicken your manhood as it allows free flow of blood inside the penis.

3. Surgery

Surgeons doing penis enhancement surgerySurgery, though expensive comes with far less risk. There are multiple favorable patient reviews that assure anyone with the intention of having surgery to increase the size of his penis.

One such operating involves the insertion of a silicon implant under the glans. It stretches the penis downwards, increasing it length and enhancing its girth.

4. Penis Pump

The penis pump is probably the most common way of penile enlargement, having been used and recommended for the last twenty years.

It was first introduced as a method to combat impotence, but as time went by it was marketed and utilized as a miracle worker for permanent penile enlargement.

Bathmate Penis Enlargement PumpThe machine’s functionality is based on a very simple principle; the pump forms a vacuum around the penis. The vacuum causes blood to flow into the penis, thus engorging it.

A ring is then slipped around the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing out.

Other popular methods include the consumption of herbal pills which contain concentrated levels of testosterone, massaging the penis, when semi-erect, with a wet warm cloth as well as a combination of the two.

Natural pills also increase libido, semen production and speed up recovery after ejaculation. They are also said to have no side effects.

The afore-mentioned ways are effective and depict good results after a very short period of practice. Bathmate penis pumps are readily available online, have a money back guarantee and their benefits are amazing.

However, you should sort medical expertise before you embark on using pills. This is to ensure that you do not experience any side effects that may develop to afflictions.