Penis Enlargement Methods and their Pros and Cons

Penis LengthPenis enlargement is a common topic when men gather and converse. Sometimes, men with smaller penises get picked on for some funny puns.

This might be funny for others, but for most who are the so called “shorties”, they find it offensive and in some cases, degrading.

Having a small penis may not be a problem for some people, but most men equate their sex prowess to the size of their penises. Having a small penis may greatly lower a man’s self-esteem.

On the other hand, some men with medium sized penis still wish to have penis enlargement procedures.

Why? It’s just a matter of how you look at your penis, you can’t really tell how long or short your penis is when you look at it from the top. Experts have long established that the average length of a penis would be from 5 to 6 inches.

Many men would be surprised when they hear this information as they believed in the past that theirs was too short.

There are many penis enlargement methods available on the market today. These will be discussed throughout the article. We will also weigh the effectiveness of each of those methods. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages.

Some penis enlargement methods can pose serious risk or even real dangers for you. Others however require you to apply or wear specific instruments for a long period of time. Here are some the information about different procedures:

Jelq/Penis Exercises

Penis ExercisesNatural penis exercises are arguably the most cost-effective among all of the penis enlargement methods. These routines have become popular due to the following reasons:

  1. These exercises are very safe.
  2. Won’t cost you a lot of money.
  3. Offer the quickest results.

Penis enlargement exercises work by working on stretching and enlarging the chambers of your penis which fill with blood during an erection. The bigger the capacity of these chambers is, the larger your penis could get.

Also, ligaments on your penis that attach to your pubic bone should also be stretched; these could then allow your penis to have its optimum length.

Combining these principles in natural penis enlargement exercises could help you attain your desired penis length and circumference.

Hanging weights on your penis focuses on lengthening your penis rather than increasing its girth. Although an increase in girth is also possible.

Although researchers are still not sure on how the weights affect the length of the penis, they have hypothesized that small tears in the tissue of the penis occur during weight lifting.

This can also be observed during normal body building, causing tears in the tissue of the muscle causes it to become bigger when it heals. However, hanging weights could pose danger on your penis when you put them to a higher height.

Blocking off the blood flow at penis head is a common hazard.

Here are some useful tips when using penis weights.

  • Apply warm compress on your penis for 10 minutes before wearing the weights.
  • The weight hanging duration should be at most 10 minutes. And breaks should last for about 5 minutes.
  • Start with a lighter weight first, then progress to heavier ones.


Although studies have approved the effectiveness of penis lengthening surgeries, the result of this would still depend on the compliance of the patient who underwent the surgery.

Penis enlargement surgeries comprise of purposely damaging the suspensory ligament of the penis, these are the ones responsible for the length of the penis.

After the surgery, men who have undergone this procedure are required to use penis weights for 6 months. This is to stretch the ligaments, and when they heal, they are longer and bigger.

In addition to this, periodic injections are also required to improve the shape and girth of the penis.

Certain risks accompany any type of surgery. Penis lengthening surgeries should be contemplated first before undergoing them. Some risks are as follows:

  • Scar formation over your penis.
  • Nerve damage causing erectile dysfunction.


This kind of penis enlargement instrument involves wearing an extender instrument for a long period of time. Although results take time to become visible, they are proven to be effective when used consistently.

Extenders work via the mechanism of traction. This principle is adapted all throughout the medical field where lengthening or tissue growth is necessary, such as bone lengthening procedures. Usually, results appear after 8 weeks.

You can grow 1.3 to 2 inches of length when consistently wearing the extenders. However, as much as you want to wear them always, they may look awkward when worn with pants, they can be visible due to their bulky look.

Testosterone Gels

Silicon Penis EnlargementTestosterone gels are a topical medication that contains testosterone. The effects of this type of medication are:

  1. Increase Testosterone level in the body, effects range from increased hair growth to deepened voice.
  2. Increase sex drive, making you last longer in bed.
  3. Increase erection strength and duration.
  4. Penis Enlargement.

On the other hand, DHT which is also derivative of Testosterone, serves as a regenerating agent for certain body parts in a man. One of these body parts would be the penis; by applying these gels, the penis’ growth is stimulated.


These are not really meant for penis enlargement. They are only meant to induce or prolong an erection. However, if used with other penis enlargement methods, they can be pretty effective.


BathmateLast but not the least is the penis pump. This kind of penis enlargement revolves around a certain principle: blood is pumped to the tubes via vacuum force, the rush of blood to the penis allows it to erect even larger.

You can get immediate results after pumping. However, the enlargement could subside after a while as blood returns to other body parts.

Variations of these pumps have been developed. A Hydropump uses the same principle but uses water to strengthen the vacuum force. This consequently pulls more blood to the chambers of the penis, enlarging it further.

These are the different methods in penis enlargement. It is best if you contemplate carefully in choosing what method you should use. Every method has every advantage and disadvantage. It’s up to you if you choose whichever one is appropriate for you.