Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Young couple ImageAbout thirty million men in the world deal with erectile dysfunction. Since men do not like to share that they have this problem, many times this problem goes untreated or at least unspoken. Most men will not even tell their doctor that they are dealing with this problem. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction problems, it is important that you would speak with your doctor so that he will be able to help you get the results that you want out of your penis.

As you are watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, you see that there are many advertisements that are promoting products that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is because so many men are dealing with this problem. It is not uncommon to even see these advertisements in women’s magazines because women do not enjoy their men dealing with this problem either.

Erectile Dysfunction & Relationship Problems

Image of random lovers sleeping on the grassMany times relationships suffer because of this problem. The man may think he is no longer attracted to his partner, or his partner may think he is no longer attracted to her. This can cause heartbreak and further relationship problems. Communication is key whenever it comes to this issue, but many times men are not willing to speak about the problem because they do not want to admit that they have a problem.

If you do not want to admit that you have a problem, then you really have a problem. Facing the problem and verbalizing it to people that need to know about it is important in coming to a solution. There are many different causes that could be linked to this problem, so speaking to a professional about how you can get help is important.

Whenever a couple does not have sex, this is like coming unglued. Sex is the glue to the relationship and taking time to have sex is important. Whenever you are having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection this can just be frustrating however. Working together and talking about the problem and solutions will help you come to a solution much sooner than not trying to have sex and not talking about it.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Photo of a couple on the beachBiological problems are the most common as you are looking into erectile dysfunction problems. Most men are dealing with this problem due to things that are happening in their bodies because of the aging process. If you are over forty, you could be experiencing some serious problems with erectile dysfunction due to tissue deterioration. Those of you that have taken good care of yourself may not deal with this issue as much and most likely have the ability to find an easier solution than those that are not taking good care of their bodies.

High blood pressure is something that often can be linked to erectile dysfunction. Most often the high blood pressure is due to a diet that is not well balanced. Speaking with your doctor will allow you to find out if your blood pressure is high and you will be able to rule out this problem or find out that you need to work on it.

Being overweight is another thing that can cause erectile dysfunction. I can say that almost anyone believes that they could lose a few pounds, but if you are extremely overweight, you may find that you have a difficult time experiencing an erection because of this health issue.

Image of a man with a question markIf you are a smoker, alcoholic or drug abuser, then you are putting yourself at a much higher risk for erectile dysfunction. This basically puts a big target on your back, so you can expect to deal with some erectile dysfunction problems. Some people taking medications are not purposefully using drugs that will harm themselves, but you should ask your doctor if your medications cause erectile dysfunction problems. Never take yourself off a medication without consulting your doctor first.

Those of you that have had surgeries relating to the prostate may experience erectile dysfunction. The prostate is very important to sexual function. Ask your doctor about any prostate problems you may be experiencing.

There are also mental blocks that could be causing erectile dysfunction. You should know however that these only account for about five percent of individuals that deal with erectile dysfunction problems. The only problem with this though is that whenever you are dealing with a mental problem, this can be much more difficult to fix than someone dealing with a medicinal or biological problem.

Keeping yourself informed is great, but do not focus on negative things having to do with erectile dysfunction. Just because thirty million other men are dealing with this problem does not mean that you have to keep dealing with it. The numbers can cause us to get upset and cause more problems than necessary due to stress. Stress is a big contributor to erectile dysfunction so do not let the numbers stress you out and cause more problems.

Things  that you should really do!

Image of a Bathmate boxAs state before, the best thing to do is keep the lines of communication open with your partner and your doctor. This will take more stress off of you and will allow you to start working towards a solution. You will be able to get started and feel a lot better which will allow some of the symptoms to subside.

Make sure that you are eating properly and exercising because this is going to be very helpful toward your ability to decrease erectile dysfunction problems. Eating properly and exercising will help you feel better overall and you will be much less stressed.

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