Erectile Dysfunction – Will Penis Pumps Solve It?

In every man’s life there comes a stage when the sexual urge gradually falter, however the acceptance if this stages differ from every man to another. This case sometimes has a little to be done to prevent it from happening.

This may be caused by unhealthy practices when we are still young; when we become old it requires us to get into more exercise, having healthy diets and avoidance of unhealthy habits such as smoking.

All these effort can be done to avoid cases like this. With the rise of obesity and various diseases such as heart conditions and diabetes it largely contributes to the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED SymptomsWith the rising number of causes of ED everyday such as depression, stress and loss of self esteem and adding other behavioural issues as our society changes every day.

This issue mostly affects male at the age of mid 40’s onwards usually due to health issues experience earlier in life. Most times people experiencing from ED have grown the idea that there is nothing they can do to cure what they are experiencing relies only to medicinal intake.

Their acceptance of losing the libido is a common misconception of men, but in reality the sexual urge is still very much alive but only the ability to stay and maintain the erection is the one that is diminishing.

In recent years medical option of taking drugs to minimize this effect has grown due to the effort and exposure these men have gain by talking to their family physicians.

Even at times this topic is still a taboo for most people being open to option of medication of prescription drugs have increased.

The fear of having to open the sensitive topic to be able to use the correct drug to use had cause trauma and nervousness to those being prescribed by it.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue most of the patients have used unsupervised prescription and thus creating more problems due to overdoing of the medication or experiencing unpleasant effects to the user.

Options and Procedures Available for ED

Peyronies Treatment PhotoOne option to overcome ED is thru penile implants, surgically inserting silicone sheath to the penis and is inflated when sexual activity is to take place, but this does not cure or help and not even the ideal approach.

With this problem at hand various attempts to restore the functionality of the penis thru aggressive approach on the treatment of the cure.

The procedure of restoring the ability of the tissues and muscles that is consistent to the composition of the penis with introducing any chemicals or having surgical procedures.

This process is done thru the use of the traditional penis pump most commonly used to enlarge penis size and length.

Penis pump or commonly known as penis enlargers have been in the business for quite a while now. Penis enlargement or sometimes called enhancement of the male organ using various techniques to increase the girth, length and hardness of the penis.

Many products has been introduced with individual claim to enhance the physical aspect of the human penis however the difference of the naturally enlarge or temporary enlargement and the permanent enlargement is still blurry.

Many procedures were also tried to create the same effect like the manual stretching and surgical procedures but has varied results both success and failure.

Many researches were also conducted specifically to penile enlargement and many claims also surfaced to significant and permanent growth.

This research has even expanded to the use of medicine such as pill but due to lack of concrete evidence it was not concluded in any case that it really work.

Many of these researches also resulted to various side effects where recipient of the procedure develops negative effects such as permanent loss of sexual function and physical effects such as scarring and tearing of the skin.

Currently non-surgical procedures that claim to enlarge penile size and length has no definite proof on results that they really worked.

Other procedures such as cosmetic, pills and supplements, medication, clamping, hanging, and penis pump are example of now surgical procedures one may undergo to enlarge or enhance the penile size and length.

The Penis Pump

This looks like a cylinder fitted over the penis, it comes in motorized of manual pump to create suction. The device creates a semi vacuum on the area around the penis, stimulating blood and drawing it in.

Every time the vacuum increases the difference in blood pressure and so as the pump pressure, however excessive amount of pressure can cause vascular damage so be careful not to overdone it.

Numerous claims on penis pump curing one of the serious problems men encounter today, in the case of erectile dysfunction – will penis enlargers solve it.

Bathmate Penis Enlargement PumpPenis pumps can be used to temporarily overcome the symptoms of impotence, but it does not cure the condition, a ring can be used to maintain the erection otherwise it will immediately subside.

The erection caused of these pumps can even be used even if there is vascular or nerve damage that prevents the penis from erection.

One method developed and used by a company called Bathmate that enhanced the usability and procedure of penis pumps.

Their own version and technique of the penis pump, the Hydropump Penis Enlargement. With its excellent design and engineering the enhance version of penis pump has unique properties to improve the traditional capability of the penis pump.

The following properties and qualities that make bathmate penis pump differ from that of traditional penis pumps:

1) No external mechanism for pumping and does not requires tubes that run from its nozzle.

2) No parts that are difficult or tricky to operate

3) The process of pumping differ sine it does not require squeezing rather it is pulled towards the body, the material used to produce the cylinder shape and the based that sits the pelvic is much larger and thus more comfortable.

The methods used by penis pumps to stimulate the tissues and muscles of the penis prior to intercourse can be attributed to the negative pressure of the pump and the aid of the compression ring (sometimes more than one is used to maintain erection) commonly known as cock rings which main purpose is for recreational use.

Restricting the blood flow out of the penis can result to maintain erection at a considerable amount of time, but manufacturing experts always advice these rings should be removed after no more than 30 minutes due to the permanent harm on the person using it if used at the extent of the said time.

Several penis pumps are officially approved by FDA to be used and prescribed to individuals with ED.