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FAQWill my product arrive in discreet packaging?

There will be no image or text displayed on the packaging. We will also consider your privacy regarding shipping documents and invoice papers. While law does require we store all customers data for a limited time, rest assure that your personal information will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Is Bathmate only to be used while bathing?

Absolutely not, feel free to use it in the shower as well.

How long will the warranty last?

Your warranty is good for one year.

Will I be able to wash my Bathmate?

Sure, all materials can be safely washed in a temperature of 80 degrees celcius. We use only the best of materials, which have all tested safe and are hypoallegenic.

Is Bathmate for everyone?

Bathmate is a safe and effective product for everyone, however individuals who have undergone recent surgery on the penis or the groin area- or those who have skin irritation, infections or trauma should consult a physician before trying any new products. For questions regarding your particular situation, you may call our customer service department.

Should I expect side effects?

Fortunately, Bathmate has no side effects.

How long should I use Bathmate?

It is recommended that you use Bathmate every two days, or for fifteen or twenty minutes a day. But feel free to use our product as long as you wish, to get the effect you desire. Physicians also recommend using Bathmate on a regular basis to maintain a healthy penis.

How would you contrast Bathmate and Traction Devices?

Bathmate increases penis size with the use of warm water. The use of warm water causes the tissue of the penis to become more flexible and relaxed, Bathmate is very effective, and has proven results in the shower and the bathtub. It is a simple, yet safe way to increase penis size. In contrast, traction devices constantly stretch the penis, often times resulting in pain. It must be used between six and twelve a day, which could lead to tissue damage and issues with the user’s cold glands.

How does Bathmate differ from penis increasing exercises which are done without the use of any equipment?

There are a variety of reasons why manual exercises are not recommended- specifically stretches. Any exercise which causes pain should be discontinued immediately.

Is there a difference in taking pills and using Bathmate?

There is not any medication on the market as of yet which is effective at stimulating and multiplying cells, organs, or tissues.

How does medical operations differ from Bathmate?

When using Bathmate, there is a process called cell mitosis which allows the tissues of the penis to expand and the cell count to increase due to the production of new cells.

Is Bathmate reconigized as a reliable treatment by doctors and the healthcare field?

There are already treatments in place which have been used for years to lengthen legs, and for skin transplants. These are very similar to Bathmate- where new cells are formed through stimulation.

Will my erections be effected?

The Corpora Cavemora is expanded with the use of Bathmate, which in turn stimulates the penis’ glands. This makes for a much more satisfying erection, which is much stronger- along with an increased sexual libido.

How long does the result lasts?

Permanently. After using Bathmate for six weeks, your results are permanent. For more information contact us.

What if I still need assistance after reading your FAQ section?

Feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket using the contact form below.