How Do I Win Back My Girlfriend’s Love?

No matter what the situation, there is always hope to be able to save a relationship. Whenever you are asking, “How do I win back my girlfriend’s love?” you are probably in a position where you are very hurt and not thinking straight. That is okay and I can totally understand why you may be feeling like this. Losing the love of someone that you care about so deeply can cause a lot of pain and I know this from my own personal experience!

Is There Any Hope?

Image of a couple eatingIf your break up was very ugly and you were mostly at fault, you may be wondering if there is any hope. The good thing is that most of the time, the answer is yes. Even if you have done things that are totally boneheaded, there are a lot of women that take men back after they have done stupid stuff.

You need to start thinking about her feelings instead of your feelings right now. This is going to tell you a lot more about what you need to do to get her back than if you are concentrating on your own feelings. Think about what happened, why she left and what you can do about it instead of about licking your own wounds.

Steps to Winning Your Girlfriend Back

Whenever you want to win your girlfriend back, you may be wondering if there is a step by step guide. While there is no surefire way to win back someone’s heart, there are some things that you can do to make it a lot easier. Below I am going to list a few suggestions that will be helpful to you.

#1 – Find Out the Root Cause of the Break Up

Whether you go about this on your own or go to a counselor to find out more about what could have caused the problem, it is important that you get to the root of the problem. Whenever you do this, you will be able to make sure that you do not repeat this same pattern again. Then when you are back together you are not going to go through the same situation, experience the same pain and breakup again.

#2 – Stop Hounding Her

Couple quaddles imageIf you are constantly blowing up her phone and social media, then she does not have any time to miss you. It is important that you remove yourself from her life. She said she doesn’t want to be together anymore so whenever you quit contacting her, you will be showing that you are respecting her wishes.

Not only will you be respecting her wishes, but you will be causing her to see that you are mature and understand how to act. She will start thinking about you more and wondering what you are doing when you do not keep her up to date by constantly contacting her. You couldn’t possibly be doing anything if you are constantly contacting her, now could you?

#3 – Invest in Your Look

Image of man seducing a womanThe quickest way to allow someone to understand that you are changing is by changing something about your look. If you have never cut your hair or done something to change your style, now would be the time to do it. Maybe she said you always act like a child or maybe she always said that you had no style. If either of these are true, then working on changing what you are doing with your look can cause her to take notice the next time that she sees you out.

Investing some money into your look will not only allow others to see how great you look, but it will cause you to feel better as well. You may also meet some new and interesting people to hang out with in the process. There is no reason that you should be lonely just because your girlfriend is putting you through the ringer.

Investing in your life will help you in so many ways. It is important that you do this and do not feel bad about it. You should not feel guilty and worried about spending some time and money on yourself.

#4 – Invest in Your Health

If you have not been taking proper care of yourself, why not go and get a new gym membership? There are plenty of people that are working out at the gym and the fitness trainers there can help you start working on your goals. Maybe you had always said that you would invest in your health and get a gym membership and never did. Your girlfriend is going to notice whenever you take the time out to go to the gym and work on yourself.

Any things that you said you were going to do and never did, now is a great time to do them. You have some extra time on your hands and you don’t want to be a liar so make sure that you put yourself into action.

Be honest with yourself and the other people around you

Bathmate and SizeWhenever your ex girlfriend wants to talk, you can be honest with her. Tricking her and telling her all kinds of crazy things is not going to be what gets her back. You want to build your relationship off of honesty. While tricking people may work for a little while, it is not going to work in the long run. You need to make sure that you are being honest with yourself and being honest with her. Whenever you do this your relationship is going to be one hundred times better than you could ever imagine.

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