Bathmate in caseEver since the success of Bathmate Hercules, more clients demanded for a bigger version of it. Bathmate Goliath was introduced thereafter to cater to the demands of clients.

It is definitely bigger compared to Bathmate Hercules. This time, satisfaction is not only guanranteed, but “Hugely” guaranteed.

A Detailed Comparison of the Two Products

Both items are made from high quality polycarbonate rubber which is 100% safe to use for skin. There are also components made of stainless steel materials which makes it durable.

Doing a plain visual observation of Bathmate Hercules and Bathmate Goliath, you can definitely see that the latter is bigger and taller. Bathmate Hercules weighs 250 grams.

Its length is 11.65 inches and its width is 24 min/ 84 max. Its maximum penis girth can reach up to 1.88 ? inch while the length can reach up to 8.26 inch.

Its maximum vacuum air is -0, 17 bar while its maximum vacuum water is -0, 40 bar.

Bathmate Goliath weighs 330 grams. It measures 24 min/115 max width and 13.80 inch in length. Its maximum penis girth can reach all the way up to 2.56.

inch. Its penis length can reach a maximum of 10.24 inches. The maximum vacuum air and water is the same with Bathmate Hercules.

How to Choose the Perfect Bathmate for You

Not all men are perfect for Bathmate Hercules. Likewise, not all men are meant to use Bathmate Goliath.

Comparison table - Hercules vs Goliath

The main factor that can determine which Bathmate you must choose is the size of your penis. For those with average size penis, Bathmate Hercules is already perfect for you.

On the other hand, those who have bigger than the average size penis, Bathroom Goliath will most likely fit you. The success or failure of both items will depend on the size of the penis.

This means that determining the size of your penis is crucial before you can choose the most perfect Bathmate for you.

Why Choose Bathmate Goliath?

Other than Bathmate, there are other ways to increase the size of the penis. Some of these other options include surgery, pills, penis pumps, and cosmetic enlargement.

All the options, including Bathmate, have advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, Bathmate has the least drawbacks among all the other choices.

Among all choices, the most affordable choices are penis pumps and cosmetic enlargement. However, penis pumps have so many complications and the satisfaction is very low.

Surgery on the other hand is the costliest of all choices. Other than being very expensive, surgery is invasive and may cause a lot of complications.

Bathmate can increase your penis length without having to worry about complications. It is not an invasive procedure and the results are guaranteed true!

Aside from increasing the length, it can also widen the head of the penis, straighten it, and thickens its skin.

The only drawback of Bathmate is that it is expensive; rather it is not as expensive as how a surgery costs. With the help of Bathmate, you will instantly gain confidence and feel a complete man.

Things to Consider When Using Bathmate Goliath or Hercules

Bathmate Goliath on a modelBathmate products can cause problems and complications to your health when not done right. This is why it is important to be aware of the special considerations before you start to use it. Here are some of the things you must not forget when using Bathmate:

1. It pays to follow instructions – carefully read and understand the instructions of the product. Do not use it unless you haven’t read the guidelines word for word.

If you must, you can always try reading it over and over again to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do exactly what the instructions tell you to do.

2. Do not use the product beyond the prescribed time – Bathmate is used for 20 minutes. Using it longer than the prescribed time will not make your penis longer; rather it can make you at risk for injury and complications.

3. Never ever force the pumping – the pumping mechanism must not be forced. Forcing it will not make the penis longer. When you keep on forcing the pump, you can injure your pelvic bones and penis.

4. Take note of the placement – correct placement of Bathmate is also a vital factor to achieve its desired result. Make sure you are positioning it correctly.

5. Ask the experts – when you are not sure of what you are doing, you can always contact the provider and ask for help. Rather than asking your friends who may or may not know how to use it, simply go directly to the experts who know the product.

6. Ask yourself first – not all men need Bathmate. If you are having second thoughts about using it, then it may be possible that you do not need it at all. Evaluate yourself.

Present and weigh the pros and cons of using the product. If the pros are more reasonable than its disadvantages then it means using it is not a bad idea.

7. Remember that it is not a permanent change – surely, Bathmate can develop some changes on your penis especially on its size, however this is not permanent.

It can only last for hours because of the blood being drawn to its base. It will eventually go back to its original size after the blood will go back to the bloodstream.

How to Order Bathmate

Bathmate Goliath Review - Looking For A Bigger Hydropump? 1When you are finally sure to try Bathmate for your penis, ordering it can be stress free and no one needs to know. How is that possible?

Bathmate has an official website where you can make your orders. The payment can be done online so you don’t have to go to the store to pay for it.

The packaging and way of delivery is also done in a discreet manner so that your privacy will be preserved.

Another good thing about Bathmate is that you can take your money back guaranteed when you are not satisfied with the product. It simply means you don’t lose anything once you decide to purchase the product.

The official website of Bathmate also offers customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your clarifications, questions, and other queries can be addressed with its customer support.

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