Why Big is Best – Our Guide to Proper Penis Enlargement

Peyronies Treatment PhotoOne of the most debated topics in sexual health is about the size of a man’s penis. Does size play a role in the performance of a man in bed? There have been numerous studies conducted over the years and their results reveal the answer to this very question – Size does matter.

Although most male penises are more than capable of “getting the job done”, the male species does have to come to terms with the fact that not all their genitalia are equal and that they have to resort to some technique or the other from time to time to make sure that they stay at the top of the game. One such technique is penis enlargement. Before we dive in to the topic of male penis enlargement, it would be beneficial for us to have a better understanding of the female anatomy and what its demands are as far as sex is concerned.

In order for a woman to be content in the bed, she must achieve at least one of the two types of orgasms.

Female Orgasm – Is it real?

A woman achieves orgasm just like a man would and it is classified into two types namely vaginal and clitoral orgasms. While the existence of vaginal orgasms is debated, let us consider them to be existent for the sake of our article for it is this type that requires a man to have ample length and girth in his pants. There is evidence from previous research to support this claim as women themselves have stated that they have achieved vaginal orgasms when they have had a partner with an above average penis.
The clitoral orgasm on the other hand can be achieved using various forms of stimulation and is not entirely dependent on the size of the penis, although it wouldn’t hurt to have a bigger penis.

What is an above average penis?

Studies done on the size of human penises suggest that the average length of an erect penis in an adult male lies in the 5.1 and 5.9 inch range. This means that if you are over 6 inches in length, you would be classified as a male with an above average penis and that you are more than capable of providing a woman with a vaginal orgasm. However, since most male penises fall under this mark, one can say that most males would benefit from some type of penis enlargement or the other.

Is penis enlargement necessary?

One might argue that it is not at all necessary to have a bigger penis to perform optimally in bed but it should be duly noted that the results of the various studies done on the subject of penis enlargement involved women and if you took their word for it, you would realize that having a big penis is in fact advantageous. While the length of the penis is discussed a lot while talking about penis size, one must not overlook the importance of girth. Most penis enlargement techniques focus on improving one aspect of the size of a male penis. A combination of these techniques could help a man achieve the above average size gain that he is after.

Types of Penis enlargement:

Video thumbnail for youtube video Erectyle Dysfunction and the Hydropump - Bathmate USA Penis Pump | 40$ OFF DISCOUNTThere are various types of penis enlargement available to the average male. They include surgical enhancements, manual devices pills and the good old penis enlargement exercises. While most men would rather live with an average penis than go under the knife, it leaves us with two other options – pills and manual devices. While the success of pills is argued about, there are more people turning to manual devices to enhance the size of their genitalia.

These devices include penis pumps, stretching devices, extenders and the like. Each of these techniques uses various principles to help the user reach his target. The stretching and extension devices use the concept of traction to help enlarge the penis while the pump uses the concept of vacuum to help the user. Choosing one of these devices is entirely up to the user and what he wants. For example, some extenders and stretching devices help overcome a medical condition called the Peyronie’s disease. This particular condition could be painful and could also cause a wide variety of other problems like loss of size, impotence and much more. The most important thing to notice here is the loss of size. If you’re an average male suffering from the Peyronie’s disease, this could mean that your likely loss in size would essentially make you a below average male and this coupled with impotence could have a very negative role in your performance in the bed. To overcome such a problem, one could make use of these medical devices that readily available to them.

One could also indulge in manual exercises to increase the size of one’s penis. But let us be honest. Who has the time to be doing things manually anymore?

Perks of a big penis:

While having a bigger penis not only guarantees better performance in bed, it could also translate to boosting the self-esteem of the individual involved. Just like having big arms and six pack abs, having a big penis means that you get to feel better about yourself and this could in turn have a positive effect on your life. Not to mention that the man with the bigger penis also gets all the bragging rights.

How to choose the right type of penis enlargement?

Video thumbnail for youtube video How to Use the Hydro-Pump - Bathmate USA Penis Pump | 40$ OFF DISCOUNTThis varies from individual to individual and it is entirely dependent on what the individual wants. In most cases it would be a combination of the various techniques that were mentioned above. Users must be careful before they choose one particular method and must always perform their due diligence on the product and its ability to offer results. One can never be too careful and must understand that there would be some kind of negative aspect to each product. It is entirely up to the user to decide what he wants.

If you were to ask me, I’d say go for the water based Bathmate Hydromax penis pump. I’ve heard some good things about this particular product.