The Benefits of Hydro Pumps vs Usual Classic Penis Pumps

Many men around the world do hope and wish for a method to increase the size of their penis.

Though the actual size of the penis has no proven relation to the sperm count and other factors related to the fertility of men, most men do feel low on confidence when their penis size falls within the range of small and average.

This low level of confidence can lead to poor performance levels, erectile dysfunction and many other related problems. The presence of such problems can lead to a man believing that the small size is the main reason.

This makes him desperate to achieve a larger size through any method possible.

Penis Pump

Classic penis pump

It is true that there are many different methods that have claimed to be able to successfully increase the size of the penis. The level of success varies widely and some of them have been proven tricks to trap the needy and gullible customers.

There are many procedures that have to be performed manually, stretching devices and known and proven surgical procedures that can be used to try to increase the penis size.

Surgical procedures are the only one that has been proven successful and trust with no side effects in the long run. All the other methods have many mixed reports of successes and failures.

What are penis pumps?

There are some studies that suggest that using a penis pump for almost 12 weeks can account for a noticeable change in the size of the penis, including the length and width, provided that the user uses the pump carefully for the above mentioned period of time.

The pumps could be cumbersome to use when you take into consideration the whole process. The effectiveness is not much when the trouble to achieve it taken into account.

The pump has a cylinder which will have to be fitted on to the penis. The cylinder, in turn, is attached to a pump. The pump can be motorised or a manually operated one.

Penomet and Bathmate

Penomet and Bathmate Hydropumps

When the pump is switched on it draws out the air from the cylinder to create a vacuum. Due to the formation of the vacuum more blood gets drawn into the penis, causing it to become larger.

How can the pump help those suffering from erectile dysfunction?

For people suffering from erectile dysfunction, a condition in which achieving a natural erection is not possible, can get relief through the use of a penis pump.

To maintain the erection which is achieved with the help of a pump a ring has to be used. While the ring is in place the erection can be held but as soon as the ring I removed the erection also will be lost as the blood flow will decrease.

Since it is possible to achieve erection through this method there have been many men who jump at the opportunity with understanding the dangers associated with it. Prolonged use of the pump can lead to the bursting of the blood vessels leading to great damage and grave dangers.

What are the dangers involved with the use of penis pumps?

1) One of the main causes of concern is the unregulated use of the pump by users. The pump should not be used continuously for a long period of time.

2) The ring that is applied should not be kept on for more than thirty minutes.

3) The uncontrolled use of the pump can cause the breakage of blood vessels.

4) It can also lead to the formation of blisters.

5) The testicles can at times get pulled into the part of the cylinder. This can lead to extreme pain and great discomfort.

6) The cylinder itself can cause injury as its rim can sometimes cut straight into the skin. The ligaments surrounding the penis can also be injured by the continuous use of the pump.

What are hydro pumps?

Hydro pumps are penis pumps that use water as a base. These pumps have to be used in the shower or in a bathtub. The person has to be immersed in the water.

There are some varieties of pumps that have a water reservoir as a part of the whole kit. The presence of water can make the whole process more effective and pleasurable.

The effectiveness is increased as the presence of water inside the cylinder makes it possible for the tissue to withstand more pressure. This means that you do not have to extend the time frame but can achieve the same amount of pressure and the same effect.

These pumps usually come as a kit containing the cylinder, water reservoir, pump and the rings. You will not have to pay much attention to the lubricant at the pump will be working under water and this will greatly reduce the level of friction.

The skin will not be damaged with the use of water pumps or hydro pumps.

What are the advantages of using a hydro pump when compared to a normal penis pump?

1) The main advantage of using a hydro pump is that the user will be more relaxed. This point alone can increase the level of effectiveness and greatly increase the chances of success.

PenometAnother positive feature is the greatly reduced level of strain that the tissues experience when the user uses a hydro pump. This is because the presence of water provides a soothing cover to the tissues.

2) The use of hydro pumps has been proved to be safer and more reliable. The users have also been overjoyed to see that there is more enlargement of the penis with the use of hydro pumps than with normal penis pumps.

3) There is much lesser fluid built up under the skin when compared to the other pumps, hence hydro pumps have a definite advantage in this area. Most clients have also found that there is less formation of hickeys or bruises.

4) The penis size increases evenly, which means that there is an increase in length and girth. The blood circulation also increases and leads to a more substantial result than that achieved with a normal penis pump.

5) Sufferers of erectile dysfunction have given very positive reviews for this product.

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