How To Increase The Male Penis Size

12-love-size-121211Men are very conscious about their penis size, its one of the greatest problems that men are greatly encountering. Others are shy to confess it while others talk about it openly; either way it still remains to be the greatest problem a man can ever experience in his life time. Women on the other hand have their various tastes on penis sizes; as a result every man is trying to emerge the best in this sector by having the best to please the women. But all in all the penis size is determined by the hormones secreted in the body.

There is a common belief that men with long penis offer the greatest performance and satisfaction in bed, the reality is the level of satisfaction does not lie on the luggage that you have but on hoe you use it. Other men have big penis but offer very little performance while others have small penis and offer great performance. The basic in this sector is therefore skills. To improve swag and dignity, men love it when they have long big penis, the long penis makes them feel dominant and very powerful. Certain techniques have been discovered to greatly improve the penis size; below are some of the best ways to increase the penis size.


This is the most common and ancient way of naturally increasing the penis size. It involves massaging the penis and milking it. The milking should be concentrated on the penis part called Corpora covernosa. This act will eventually make the penis longer, stronger and bigger. This process takes a short duration of time and is very effective in increasing the penis length. It has been widely used in the world today especially by the nomads in the Arab lands. It is cheap and requires just a little practice.

Penis stretching

This involves pulling the penis and making it stretch. During the stretching the elastic sexual glands are stretched and increase in size. As a result, the penis acquires a bigger shape. This is one of the best known ways of increasing the penis size. Penis stretching also makes one a great performer and can greatly be of useful to men who are impotent. This procedure is less costly and an individual can just learn to practice it and within a short period he will be an expert.

Kegel Exercises

These are exercise performed on the penis tissues to help it elongate. The advantage of this method is that it can elongate every part of the penis tissues. The exercise requires the advice from an expert who will gently guide you through the process. The process may be a little costly depending on the duration of your service but it certainly produces the best results. It has no complications and no injuries as well.

Use of oral medication

There are certain oral medications that can be used to increase the penis size. These medicines are usually made using many vitamins, minerals and certain herbal extracts. These extracts helps in increasing the amount of blood flowing into the penis during erection hence causing an elongation and fattening of the penis tissues. These oral medications however require that one keeps a steady health and condition that will enable him respond to these medications effectively. Their side effects come when one is not feeding healthy hence resulting in tiredness and body weakening. Others may result in sickness depending on the hormonal balance of the body.

Surgical procedures

Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump

Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump

If you do not wish to try the above natural ways of increasing the penis size, then here is another technique for increasing the penile size. Visiting a professional, qualified and well experienced doctor can help you increase the penis size. The doctor will perform surgery on the penis and elongate the tissues. After the surgery, the penis will be ling and ready to perform to its best. However caution is always placed, the doctor has to be a professional and should have a good history of performing such successful surgery. This process may be costly and may also lead to certain minor complications; however it is one of the fastest ways to increase penis size.

The above methods are some of the best and most proven ways of increasing the penis length. They are effective if the instructions attached are followed to the later and can produce 100 percent efficiency. They are the best and proper consultation is greatly inquired before attempting any of these procedures.