How to Increase the Passion in the Bedroom

How to increase the passion in the bedroomIf you are dealing with a woman who is not at all interested in you in the bedroom, then you have a problem in your hands that you will definitely need to fix.

There are definitely a number of reasons that a woman may not be interested in you so much in the bedroom, but one of the most common causes is simply because she does not feel the connection with you.

This simply means that you have probably been “slipping” and not making sure that she is emotionally connected with you and that she is fully pleased in the bedroom.

Maybe you have been a little selfish and just thinking about you during sex, or maybe she just doesn’t feel like you are giving her enough of you during sex, so let’s take a look at some ideas that you can take that will help you increase the passion with your woman.

Bonding Together

As cheesy as it may sound, you really have to make sure that your woman is feeling the bond. Women are emotional beings and they are interested in men who can make them feel like they are the only one (whether they may be or not at that time) in addition to feeling like they are wanted emotionally and physically.

A great way that is always helpful to bond with a woman before sex is to take a shower together. You can simply connect with here there, wash her back, caress her face, rub her hair, and all of those things that women actually enjoy without really pushing for sex at that time.

Touching always increases passion in any relationship and of course with you caressing her without wanting sex at that time, you are sure to get her in heat and wanting you even more.

How to increase the passion in the bedroomForget about Me Time

When you are having sex with your partner you must always remember that the main goal is for your partner to be fully pleased, so a the end of the night, day, session, you want to make sure that she is feeling like it was great, it was worth her time, and she got exactly what she wanted.

Passion is always increased when women see that the man is genuinely there to please her.

Forget About Timing

Granted, some men can go for an hour while other are only there for 3 minutes and then it is over and they have reached their max. It is important that if you are that “couple of minute kind of dude” then you will want to make sure that you can continue to please her either orally or with a toy, or of course with fingers.

Women want to get to their climax as well and they are not willing to be passionate with someone who doesn’t want the same for them.

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