Tips to Increase Your Stamina in the Bedroom

Tips to Increase Your Stamina in the BedroomIncreasing your stamina is one of the most common things that men want to know in regards to sex health.

You will find that this is the number one problem when it comes to sex and men just like you and I are dealing with this same exact issue without a resolution.

Thankfully there are some things that we can do to increase our stamina and provide a better sex life to our partner.

Reduce Stress Immediately

Surely enough stress is at the top of the list when it comes to the things that cause men to ejaculate prematurely.

For most of us, this is actually the cause of it especially because as men we are responsible for carrying the household, the finances, fixing whatever is broken, etc.

This in turn leads into the bedroom and does not allow us to perform at our capacity.

One of the best ways to deal with this is to make sure that our stress levels are cut down.

When having sex “performance anxiety” can kick in. This in turn makes you think about your sex drive and in then gets you more stressed out causing you to ejaculate prematurely. Next time, try not to focus on your performance or your other stressful issues, but instead focus on your partner and pleasing her.

Tips to Increase Your Stamina in the BedroomIncrease Lubrication

The friction of sex allows men to ejaculate more quickly, so when you are having sex it is important that you are extra lubricated.

Your penis will not be as sensitive to the skin rubbing back and forth and it will hold you a little longer before you climax.

You can also use a more lubricated condom or even thicker condoms which are meant to decrease the sensitivity so that you can last longer in the bedroom.

“Your” Thoughts

Instead of thinking about how soon you may ejaculate, you need to involve yourself with your partner and just think about pleasing her.

When you think on those things, you will find that it will take away from you and what you are wanting to achieve at that moment for yourself.

Overall, premature ejaculation is a common problem that can cause a lot of problems in couples. Thankfully these days there are all sorts of products that will help you in the bedroom and will even increase your stamina naturally.

The Bathmate penis enlargement pump is known to be one of the most sought after pumps at this time due to the results that men are experiencing.

From added several inches to your penis to increasing the blood flow that in turn allow you to have longer sex, to increased health, this product will definitely benefit you and your partner tremendously.