The Ins and Outs of Having a Bigger Penis

The Ins and Outs of Having a Bigger PenisHave you ever wondered why men with bigger penises get all of the girls? Well, it is obvious that women are attracted to them, right?

Women are definitely attracted to men that have bigger penises for a number of reasons.

You will find that men that do not have larger penises do not have the self confidence like those fellows that do have a larger member.

In fact, it has been said that men that have larger penises are known to live a better and more fulfilling life than men with smaller penises.

The reason for this is simple…men that have a larger penis carry themselves with full confidence, knowing that they have something that women want.

While many women will not admit immediately that they require having a man with a large penis, you will find that women can appreciate with a man with a large penis, because they get more satisfaction during sex.

While it may seem a little naive, women want to be pleased, so having a larger penis will allow you to be able to fully please a woman and reach her “G” spot, causing her multiple orgasms in one sex session.

Men with smaller penises usually have a much harder time reaching the woman’s G-spot so it is definitely a plus and a something that a woman can appreciate.

Likewise, a man with a larger penis is also known to go for longer than men with smaller members.

The Ins and Outs of Having a Bigger PenisThis is another benefit in having sex, because having sex with a man who has reached his orgasm before a woman and then ends the sex, is completely a waste of a woman’s time.

Women want to be able to have sex until they have at least reached their first climax so it is definitely a little harder for men who do not have bigger members.

While it may sound a bit immature, it is the truth that men with larger penises get more girls.

At the end of the day, women talk and not only do they talk, but they also look over your jeans to see what they can imagine is under your clothes, so if it looks like you have a larger penis, you are more likely to get more hits.

As crazy as it may sound, it is definitely beneficial to have a larger penis.

If you do not at this point, you will find that there are products like the Bathmate penis enlargement pump that has been sold to men all across the globe with wonderful results of a larger penis and increase libido.

Not only will you be able to get those extra inches that you desire, but you will also be able to increase your penis health while lasting longer in the bedroom.