Penis Devices vs Penis Pumps – What Should Be Your Choice?

Results from Penis Enlargement DevicesWhy do Men Use Penis Devices?

It is ideal for every man to have confidence on himself regardless of the conditions of his manhood. However, there are just some issues which are inevitable and whether we like it or not, these issues exist and they affect the sex lives of many men.

How are these problems manifested anyway? Having a small penis may be problematic to some men.

Aside from the high chances for them to feel insecure just thinking that their juniors are quite below the average size, there is an existing fear of most men towards the idea of not being able to give maximum sexual satisfaction to their partners simply because of their small penises.

Although some men believe that penis size really doesn’t matter as long as you have a good overall sexual performance, there are just some individuals who prefer partners with bigger manhood.

Also, some men are having trouble with erectile dysfunctions brought by psychological or physical factors. Lastly, some men lose confidence on themselves because of the irregular shapes of their penis like being crooked, bent sideward or upward.

These issues are the reasons why men resort to penis devices and treatments.

Walk through of how Penis Pumps work

Penis pumps are among the most widely used penis devices by men to address certain problems that they encounter which include penis size, erectile dysfunctions, shape irregularities and sexual dissatisfaction.

Basically, it is made of a hollow plastic cylinder which makes a vacuum that sucks more blood from the body to the penis and keeps it there. There are three main expandable tissues in the penis.

During an erection, these three tissues are filled with blood which stays there while erection lasts. The extent of expansion of these tissues determines the size of the penis during erection.

A penis pump helps in extending the expansion of these tissues and keeping more blood within them. Moreover, it keeps the penis inside the cylinder thus correcting the irregularity of its shape.

Men’s choice: Penis Devices vs. Penis Pumps

Although there are literally a ton of options for men to take in order for them to respond to the issues concerning their manhood, penis pumps are chosen by men in most cases. The leading reason why it is more preferred is that it works naturally.

Pills and other treatments may be effective. However, most of them have negative side effects considering the chemical ways of how it works. Men are looking forward to something that helps them enhance themselves in a more natural way.

Moreover, it is easy and safe to use.

Reasons Why Some Men are Afraid to Use Penis Pumps

Usual Penis Pump DeviceLike any other products and penis devices, penis pumps also have some negative sentiments and opinions from certain individuals. There are several reasons why these individuals discourage others to use it.

These disadvantages are used in comparing penis pumps with other penis devices.

  1. Erection may disappear quickly;
  2. Effects are temporary;
  3. Unwanted effects including numbness, discoloration and others;
  4. Fear of interrupting sexual intimacy due to the use of the device prior to having sex;
  5. Discomfort when ejaculating;
  6. Fear of having reverse effects instead i.e. thinner penis;
  7. Deformation of manhood caused by using the device;
  8. Possible dependence of erection to the device;
  9. Possibly popping capillaries and causing bleeding;
  10. Fear of suffering from temporary impotence.

Can these disadvantages be mitigated?

Most people refuse to use a product if it does them more harm than good. It is true that some of the harms listed above can really exist. But, can the harms or disadvantages be mitigated? The answer is yes.

But of course, for every self-enhancement product, there is always a corresponding responsibility for the individual for the product to manifest its maximum benefits.

1. As to how erection quickly disappears, this can be prevented by using the tight ring on the penis’ base so that the blood in causing the erection will not return. If erection is no longer needed, then the ring can be removed.

2. Yes, there is a temporary erection and it is quite bigger than normal when a penis pump is used. That is its short-term benefit. Projecting the benefit in a long-term scale, it works like a muscular workout.

When you put a regular contraction on your muscles like when you go to the gym, the muscles and tissues being worked out will eventually increase in size in a normal way. The same thing happens to the penis after a long term usage.

3. The feeling of numbness and discoloration are normal. Like in working out other tissues of the body, there are corresponding muscle pains in achieving good results.

Rest assured that they are not harmful to the male health, unlike the side effects of some pills and other penis devices which are way more dangerous.

4. On the fear of interrupting sexual intimacy, this is something that is negligible. It only requires a short period of time to start the erection with the penis pump.

More importantly, it is better to undergo the process of using penis pump and get an erection than to not have an erection at all. In the end, the sexual satisfaction achieved by both partners is greater with the device.

5. The discomfort in ejaculating, deformation of manhood and the possibility of attaining the reverse effect is not existent.

Penis Devices vs Penis Pumps - What Should Be Your Choice? 1The sensation felt in ejaculating with a penis pump is just like ejaculating while the bladder is full wherein the tissues used for ejaculation is more contracted.

So far, there are no reviews claiming that the reverse effect of getting a thinner manhood and deformation.

6. Lastly but equally important, the instructions in using the device must be read and understood carefully to avoid possible injuries and other health issues.

Directions must be carefully followed as to the time spent in using the device as well as the proper timing in putting the vacuum.

It is advised to consult a doctor before using a penis pump in order to get the best results. Moreover, the quality of the product matters. You have to make sure that it can be trusted.

There are available products in the market that pass the high standards set for them including Bathmate Hydropump which has garnered a lot of positive reviews.