Penis Enlargement Methods and Your Sex Life in 2017

Results from Penis Enlargement DevicesIt is natural that every man has thought about the size of his penis at one point in life. Penis enlargement involves increasing its length and girth. There is no doubt that the penis size has significance implications on the love life of a couple in a relationship or even marriage.

There are many broken marriages that are caused by the inability of a man to satisfy his partner sexually. A very small penis may be a significance cause of such a problem.Penis enhancement is important not only to those men with a small penis but also those who wish to improve themselves to enhance their sexual life. You can always be better no matter how good you are. The following are some of the important reasons why any man would want to enlarge his penis.

A big penis is visually arousing to a woman. It enables you to pleasure a woman more easily. A big cock will definitely make the woman to reach orgasm faster with less effort.

It builds your confidence even in the other fields of life. When you have a healthy sex life you will be able to carry on with your other obligations more confidently without sexual frustrations.

It builds a strong bond between the couple. If you have a big cock, your spouse will feel satisfied and proud of you since you are able to pleasure her the way she want.

Penis enlargement is also important for men with very small penis, a condition referred to as micro-penis. It is embarrassing to have a very small penis. Men with very small cocks shy off from participating in events where other man may see their penis. This makes them to live in seclusion and miss out on such events which would have been beneficial to them.Men with small cocks will shy off and may give up on dating because they are not sure whether they will be able to satisfy their partner in bed. Enhancing the penis size will no doubt improve the dating lives of such men.

Penis enlargement can be achieved through various methods such as exercising, use of pills, surgical methods and the penis pumps. Some of these methods do not result in any increase in the size of the penis. Some of the producers are only interested in making profits and are ignorant of the harmful effects that such products may have on the consumers.

In choosing the best penis enlargement method, a few factors have to be put into consideration. These include the efficiency of the method, possible side effects, cost implications and how long we have to wait to achieve reasonable results.

The Pills

They contain ingredients that are designed to enhance blood flow to the penis. They are meant to stimulate production of testosterone and androgen. They cause the nerve endings of the penile muscles to release nitric oxide. This increases libido and quality of erection. There so many types of penis enlargement pills most of which have harmful side effects. Some of the products may even cause impotence. Only a few products are genuine.

Surgical Method

Surgeons doing penis enhancement surgerySurgical method involves cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis. Plastic surgery is then done to get new skin which will be used to cover the new length. Increasing the penis girth may be done by injecting liposunctioned fat which could be removed from the thighs or the abdominal walls.

A layer of tissue could also be placed under the penis skin. This method is however not very popular with men since not many people would like to engage in such a dramatic move unless they have a medical condition like micropenis. In addition the surgical method would mean that the man will be sexually inactive until he heals.

There is also a possibility that the surgery may not be successful and may even cause complications. It is a costly procedure which may not beaffordable to many people. There is a risk of infection and bleeding.


This basically relies on the theory of use and disuse. It is believed that the more an organ is used the more it develops. Some of these exercises include using the hand to push blood to the head of the penis from the base. Stretching is another method used to cause traction on the penis using an extender.

However, such exercises have not been proven to be effective in enlarging the penis. These exercises may take too long to achieve any meaningful penis enlargement. This may be frustrating and make somebody give up on this goal. No scientific proof has been made to the effectiveness of such methods. In addition they may cause scars and pain.


It involves trying to increase the size of the penis using a constricting device. For instance, a cock ring is used to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. This is a very dangerous technique since removal of such a ring may become impossible due to the high pressure blood trapped in the organ. It may cause permanent destruction of the penis.

Penis Pumps

Bathmate ColorsThis is basically a cylinder which is put over the penis. It creates a vacuum around the penis drawing in blood and making the penis engorged. The pressure in the blood vessels of the penis increases as the vacuum increases. It is an effective way of enlarging the penis and is not risky since nothing is ingested or injected into the body. It causes a natural increase in the length and girth of the penis.

Most of the men who want to enhance their penis are therefore going for the pumps since they have no side effects and with consistence you can enlarge your penis within a short duration of time.

Penis pumps may be bought locally or electronically online. One of the best penis pumps is the Hydromax pump from the Bathmate Penis Pumps which is a water based pumps hence secure for use in achieving penis enlargement goal.