Different Penis Enlargement Methods

Bathmate DoctorWe are pretty sure that you are familiar with some of the methods that are out there for you to reach your desired penis size goals. Here, we are going to be highlighting a selection of penis enlargement methods from air pumps to pills. While you may not be aware that there are other methods that are out in the market, you will quickly find out that there are a number of products that truly do not give you the results that are promised.

You will find that the only product that has been proved to work in getting you the desired results is the Bathmate penis enlargement pump and it is considered to be 100% safe as only safe pressure can be added to the chamber due to the design and the use of water. Since the pressure in the pump is uniform, it will result in equal development in addition to your penis also staying lubricated correctly while pumping, which ensures maximum gains and very little to no risk.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement SurgerySince the penis is 30 % inside of the body, the most common surgical way to enlarge your penis length with surgery is to bring as much of the hidden portion of the penis to the exterior of your body. This is achieved by releasing the fungiform ligament and the suspensory ligament that attaches the two erectile bodies to the pubic bone. The penis is then stretched, using a stretching device and the surgeon then divides the ligament close to the pubic bone until all of the midline attachments have been freed. This makes the penis “pop” forward resulting in 0.8-2 inches instant gains.

Lengthening of corporal bodies versus ligamentolysis is neither a routine nor a safe procedure because of the high risk of impotency, requiring the patient to implant a penile prostheses in order to gain erection.


Penis Pills

Penis Pills

After taking the time to do extensive research, the University of Maryland and the Flora Research of California has found that the alleged “Penis Pills” have ingredients that have been found to be very dangerous and harmful to your body.
As a matter of fact, research has shown that there are contaminants such as pesticides, lead, bacteria like E. Coli yeast, and some have even contained mold which is detrimental because all of these contaminants listed are very dangerous to anyone who consumes them.

These products that claim to improve your penis size have proven that they do not actually work like many advertisers claim and are found to have these horrible contaminants.


Traditional Penis Pumps

Traditional Penis PumpOf course you have heard about the traditional penis pumps that are out in the market. They basically go right over your penis and either with a manual or a motorized pump will basically suction your penis like a vacuum. This can be quite painful and they have been known to draw blood in your member.

Since most of these traditional pumps do not have any safety mechanisms built in them, they must be done slowly and carefully so that you do not cause great harm on your member. In fact, you can even acquire Peronie’s Disease when you use a sub standard penis pump improperly.

Not only is this a disease that you do not want to experience, you definitely do not want to feel the discomfort that you can get from this.


Hydropump Penis Enlargement

Bathmate Penis PumpsAlthough you may not already know this, you will soon find out that the Bathmate penis pump is the only device on the market like this, simply because of all of the extensive patents that are used to create the hydraulic motions and those unique properties that have been proven to work to increase the penis size.

Bathmate does not use nearly as much of the gadgets that other hydropumps use such as tubes, silicone pads, external pumping mechanisms, and a list of instructions on how to use each thing.

You will notice that what differentiates Bathmate is the fact that it uses water to pump your penis. You can use the pump when you are in the shower, taking a bath, or laying in your room watching TV.

The water goes inside the pump and after a few uses you will be able to know exactly how much water you will need to pump your member. The Bathmate uses a space age rubber, known as the Gaiter, which is the patented hydraulic part of the pump.

This allows the pump to slowly release pressure, unlike other pumps who are painful and do not have the rubber that Bathmate uses.


Cosmetic Enlargement

While this may not be a “real” way of getting your desired results, it is still something that some people actually do go and do since they are not aware of products that have been proven to be effective for an increased penile.

You can either go with cosmetic surgery for your penis, which is costly and painful, or you can do the simple “cosmetic enlargement” that is just basically trimming the pubic hair so that it will give an “illusion” of a larger penis.



This table shows you the benefits of each method we have covered in this overview and gives you a quick overview to make an informed decision on what method suits you best.

Bathmate Penis Enlargement Methods Chart

Now that you have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, you will be able to make your own judgment as to what will be the best penis enlargement method that you will stick with.

Of the above methods, you will find that the safest and most effective penis enlargement technique is using the Bathmate penis enlargement pump, which has been proven to be the safest and the one that shows the best results.

Not to forget that it also comes with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee and 1 year extended warranty.