Penis Enlargement – A Myth or Reality

Penis enlargment for people with small penisesPenis enlargement is also known as penis enhancement. This process involves different techniques and methods to increase the length and girth of the penis.

There are different ways such as certain types of exercises, supplements, pills, vacuum pumps, etc. that enable you to increase the size and thickness of your penis according to your will. Surgical penis enlargement option is also available these days.

Now the question that can arise in our minds that what type of technique or methodology is considered to be the best and highly safe as well. In this article, we will discuss about these different techniques and their effectiveness.


There are different exercises that are believed to increase the length of your penis and width as well. These penis elongation workouts are usually considered safe due to the absence of any oral or injectable medication.

Jelqing exercises

It is most widely used exercise for the penis enlargement. Before doing this workout, always warm up your penis like other regular body exercises. This exercise is usually performed while your penis is in flaccid or semi erect condition.

You have to grab your penis with index finger and thumb by making an OK sign. You start this exercise from the root of penis up to the cap of penis by slightly stretching it. It is good to use some sort of oil or lubricant to lubricate the penis.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are also very popular among men for penis enlargement. Kegel exercise can help you gain sexual vitality, vigor and stamina. These exercises improve your sexual condition through increasing the blood circulation in the penis region.

Pros of penile elongation exercises: You don’t have to spend and money for these exercises. Only passion and little bit physical efforts are needed for these exercises. No special equipment or medication is needed.Can be performed with great ease. No gym fees are required.A natural and safe way to increase the size of your penis.

It also can cause damage to your penis if performed in a wrong manner. Results are not permanent in nature.Usually requires a very long time in order to get satisfactory results. Can be time-consuming as well.

Women can't be satisfied with small penisesPills and supplements for penis enlargement

There are different types of pills and supplements available in the market that claim to provide you the penis length and girth according to your personal desires. Here, we will discuss few pros and cons of these pills and supplements.

Pros of penis enhancement pills and supplements: Can give you desired results in few hours or days.Pills and supplements can also help you get rid of certain ailments such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

Your privacy is not compromised as you can order them at any online drug store. Help you gain sexual vigor, long lasting erections and desired orgasms. Can also help you gain sexual confidence.

Cons of penis enhancement pills and supplements: Results are not permanent. This means in order to get your desired results you have to use these medications on regular basis.

Results usually fade off as you stop using these pills. Certain health risks are associated with these types of treatments. These risks can be fatal in some cases.

Doctor or physician’s prescription may also be required to make sure the safety and efficacy of the drug. Can cost you a lot as you have to buy them quite often if not regularly.

It also can cause certain diseases such as high blood pressure, sedation, loss of vision, heart attack, etc.

Hydro vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

There are different types of devices such as hydro vacuum penis pumps are available in the market nowadays. As it is obvious from the word hydro, these pumps primarily use water to create vacuum inside the pump. Following are few pros and cons of these hydro vacuum pumps.

Pros of hydro vacuum pumps for penis enlargement: These vacuum pumps can help you overcome different sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, curved penis, other deformities, etc. without using any medicine.

You can use these devices according to your personal needs and requirements. Results can be seen in few weeks of usage. Usually results achieved through these devices are permanent. There is no need to use any supplement or pill.

Cost effective compared with penis enlargement pills as you don’t have to buy these pumps quite often. This means if you use these vacuum pumps carefully, then they can last for longer periods.

10 to 20 minute sessions per day are enough to get the penis with your desired length and thickness.

Cons of hydro vacuum pumps for penis enlargement: Can cause some damages to blood vessels if not used properly. Can be little costly in terms of initial investment.

Surgical treatment for penis enhancement

Surgical treatments should only be used as a last resort. Penile surgery though may help you achieve desired size penis, but bear this thing in your mind that surgical procedures are usually complicated and painful as well.

Similarly, a penis enlargement surgery can cost you a lot of money compared with non-surgical procedures and methodologies.

It's time to begin your penis enhancementWhich method or technique is best for you?

As we have already discussed about different techniques and procedures for penile elongation. We are now able to compare effectiveness and safety of these methods.

If we compare exercises with pills and supplements, then we can say although results with exercises can take a long time, but are safe. Similarly, vacuum pumps can give you the long lasting results, but at less pace compared with supplements and pills.

So it is entirely upon your personal discretion to opt for any of these methods or procedures.It is a good idea to keep the health safety option first in your mind to avoid any discomfort in future.

In conclusion we can say that different techniques for penis enlargement can certainly help you achieve the desired length and girth for penis. In order to be successful you have to show consistency and patience while implementing any of above given techniques.