Penis Pills – Do They Actually Work?

Penis Pills - SemenaxMajority of we men worldwide experience problems with this very important part our anatomy which defines us known as the penis.

We might have problems with the size, maintaining erections, keeping them in prime condition and so on.

Men have resorted to all sorts of pills which promise to be remedies for their penis problems. Very few pills work since most of them are simply scam.

It is advisable to avoid using pills and resort to more natural ways of dealing with penis problems.

Below are some of the reasons why you should not use pills no matter what nature of penis problem you might be experiencing:

Blue and Pink Penis PillsUnrealistic promises

The manufacturers and marketers of most of these penis pills have no shame when they lie openly as they make those tall claims.

The men who are very gullible waste their money on such products which never work and sometimes produce disastrous effects on their health. It is important for us men to be realistic and remember that a penis doesn’t grow overnight or within a few days.

Most of these penis pills falsely claim so in order to lure us to buy them.

They go as far as shamelessly claiming tremendous increase in girth and length of the penis making unsuspecting desperate men buy their useless product.

For a penis to increase in size, the process is a bit slow and may takes months to see results not the few days as often claimed.

The best they can do within weeks is simply helping you to have more firmer erections and very few would even go that far.

VigRX PillsBizarre Ingredients

Most of the ingredients used on these penis pills are simply health risks and may have serious side effects.

You don’t want anything that will be a danger to your health or make your sexual performance worse than it initially is.

Since most of them never want you to see the ingredients they label their ingredients as secret formulas or they simply don’t mention them.

Others will mention weird ingredients such as horny horse weed and such to make you think of the large horse penis and imagine having a size like that.

Dangerous Penis PillsShady online presence

They are mostly sold online in a discreet way so the shady manufacturers can cover their tracks in the guise of saving men from embarrassment.

Most of them have no official site for the company, with dead end contacts. They have false testimonials probably copied from other product site and mostly send spam messages to consumers.

They often offer free trials for their penis pills and will keep charging you outrageously from your credit card and unsubscribing from the free shipments might not be easy.

The sites have eye-catching names like, and other weird names.

Bathmate ColorsThe Bathmate Natural Solution

Since penis pills don’t work anyway, natural methods have been known to work such as using quality products like Bathmate.

This is not a pill, it is a very effective device for achieving penile health and helps in penis enlargement.

Has worldwide recognition as the number one penis product. It keeps the penis in perfect condition by resulting rock hard and long lasting erections which will make you experience more sexual pleasure.

The Bathmate can be used both in water and in the air but it works effectively while in the shower or bathtub by creating a vacuum around the penis to achieve enlargement and promote penile health.

Men need not to worry any more because a completely harmless device for your penile problems has finally arrived.