Is A Penis Pump Right For People Having ED?

Erectile DysfunctionThese days, you have likely heard of erectile dysfunction, the affliction that millions of men suffer and is the ailment that was fixed by pharmaceutical pills, giving erections to men who could no longer get them for whatever reason.

Before the pills hit the market, however, there were penis pumps.

What Is A Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a device, either manual or motorized, that assists in giving the user an erection. It can be a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction.

ED is the primary use for a penis pump, despite advertising that would lead the consumer to believe that use of a pump enlarges the penis.

In most cases, the form of the penis pump is an acrylic cylinder that goes over the penis. The pumping action, be it manual or otherwise, creates a vacuum, which draws blood into the penis, filling it up and thus making it erect.

For men with ED, however, using a compression ring or “cock ring” as they are known, is necessary to help maintain the erection once it has been achieved. The ring is pushed down the shaft, ending at the base of the penis.

This ring squeezes the penis, holding the blood in and thus maintaining the erection regardless of any problems present.

Keep in mind, though, most instruction manuals will tell you that you should not use a ring to maintain an erection for longer than a half hour at a time. Extended use can cause irreparable damage.

Why Would You Use A Penis Pump?

ED SymptomsThere are a few reasons why a man would use a penis pump. Some of these reasons are medical, some personal, and others based on psychological factors. Some of these reasons are:

1. Medical- Penis pumps are sometimes an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. Sure, there are pills out there to help with that, but they do not work for every man, and not every man is comfortable with taking pharmaceutical drugs.

2. Personal- Some men find using pumps to be arousing sexually, and derive pleasure, even orgasm from their use.

3. Psychological- Many pump brands claim in their ads that they increase the length and/or thickness of the penis.

Men who have issues with their size often cling to any potential hope of becoming bigger, though from most reports and tests, surgery is the only effective method of truly enlarging the penis.

Can A Pump Enlarge The Penis At All?

Most studies show that use of a pump does not make the penis bigger; however, there have been some patient studies where slight increases in length have been reported, although these studies are a very small minority.

Be careful, as most ads you see for penis pumps promise gains in length and/or thickness. Naturally, this plays on the desire of many men to increase their size, due to their real or imagined shortcomings in this area.

Wild claims about 3-4 inches being gained are the most common, and are put in place to grab your attention and get you to buy.

Are There Risks Or Side Effects Involved With Pumping?

Truth cure for EDThere are some risks associated with the use of penis pumps, and they range from slight to severe, so use caution if you are going to be using a pump. These risks include:

1. Over-pumping- You can overdo it with the pumping, and if you do it too quickly or too forcefully, you can get blisters or burst blood vessels.

2. Testicles- Be careful of your testicles when pumping. Although it may not seem likely, sometimes the testicles can be sucked into the cylinder. It goes without saying this will cause considerable pain if it happens.

3. Uneducated Use- Penis pumps come with instructions for a reason. It is always advised to read the instructions before using. One of the main instructions is how much pressure to apply. If you get too much suction, you can permanently damage the tissues and nerves.

4. The Cylinder- There are some reports of pain associated with the cylinder due to prolonged use. They cylinder is believed by some to damage the skin and ligaments around the penis due to the rim of the cylinder pressing when the vacuum pressure is established and maintained.

Are Penis Pumps Covered By Insurance?

The answer to this question will vary based on what insurance company you have. However, in some cases, Medicare has sometimes covered the expense of a penis pump due to the results of a medical exam and determining that the patient’s erectile dysfunction required the use of one.

As a treatment for erectile dysfunction, penis pumps score pretty high marks in the satisfaction department among men who used them. About half to over three-quarters of men who provided feedback said they were happy with the results obtained by using a pump.

Is Using A Pump Recommended?

The answer to this will depend on the reason you want to use it. If you want to enlarge your penis, then a pump would not be recommended since normally, gains in size do not happen and in the cases where they do, such size increases are minimal.

If you have erectile dysfunction, and have tried the pharmaceutical options without success, or are unwilling to go that route, then yes, a pump would be recommended for you.

If you do decide to use a pump, be sure to check the specs for a quick-release valve, or similarly named feature. Quick-release valves are a failsafe in case the vacuum effect was not released or not released quickly enough.

Final Advice

To review, penis pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction. They are not a permanent solution, and are a safe option when used properly. There are risks, as with everything, but most of these can be reduced or eliminated by proper use.

In addition, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before buying and using one. A professional opinion or examination before use is not a bad thing, although it can be embarrassing. Still, it is advised to talk to your doctor first.

How Is Bathmate Different?

Bathmate Hydro Pump TutorialGenerally speaking, yes they are. The main variables are of course the manufacturer, and the model differences, pump type, etc. There is one penis pump, however, that uses the vacuum aspect a little differently. It is called the Bathmate.

Bathmate’s distinguishing feature is that it uses water in the pumping process.

By submerging both the penis and Bathmate in water, then putting the unit over your penis and pressing down, vacuum pressure is created and excess water is pumped out each time the pump is moved downwards.

Like most pumps, Bathmate claims to increase size, confidence, and stamina as well. Bathmate offers a no-risk money back guarantee with an optional extended warranty of one year, available only on Bathmate’s official site.