5 Things You Should Know About Penis Surgery

Penis SurgeryDespite any reassuring words that you may have heard to the contrary the truth is that size really does matter and one of the options that you may be considering to bring about the change you want in your penis size is surgery.

It is only fair that you take a long hard look at the disadvantages and possible dangers of penis surgery. This is the only way you can be sure that you will make a quality decision on what you want to do.

The first problem which you are bound to encounter the moment you make a decision to go ahead will be to find a surgeon to do it. Most reputable and experienced surgeons will decline to perform this surgical procedure.

Why? Simply because it is fraught with possible complications and no surgeon wants to be stuck with a record of failed procedures or operations that failed to produce the desired results.

The second disadvantage with penis enlargement surgery is the fact that the risks are way too high. Any expert on the matter will tell you that with the amount of cutting and adding of fatty tissues involved here, there are way too many things that can go wrong.

For instance one common complaint is that future erections tend to point downwards. Not to mention the scarring.

Thirdly after surgery you will have to wear a traction device which is supposed to help with permanent growth. You will have to do this for many months.

Then there is the fact that the cost is extremely high. We are talking about ten thousand dollars.

Fifth comes the really scary stuff and that is the risk of damage to nerve endings. As you might have guessed, this is usually irreversible.

The bottom line is that the disadvantages of surgery when it comes to penis enlargement and enhancement are way too high and far outweigh any advantages you may want to see.

Clearly there has to be another way you want to look at.

Alpha MaleHave you ever considered penis enlargement pumps? How do these pumps work?

The whole idea is to increase blood flow to the penis and the air pumps do this with the use of a vacuum effect which increases the blood flowing into the penis.

There is also a ring to be positioned at the shaft which is designed to hold the blood in the male organ once it is fully erect. Penis enlargement pumps will usually work best when combined with exercises and relaxation techniques.

However things get a lot better when you decide to take a look at a water based penis enlargement pump. This is mainly because tests have shown that this kind of pump is a whooping 250 per cent more effective than your conventional air-based penis pump.

The Bathmate is actually the only water based penis pump currently in the market. Research has shown that this product is able to deliver a bigger penis, harder erections and even more stamina and this is definitely something worth taking a closer look at.

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