What is Peyronies Disease And How To Help Yourself

Peyronies Curvature IllustrationPeyronies is a disease which affects the penile tissue. As a result, it causes the formation of hard lumps in the Tunica abluginea which is one of the layers of a penis.

Men suffering from this complication will usually have a low self esteem and will develop problems in their sexual relationships. There are uncertainties about the treatment of this disease with most physicians debating on the most effective method of treatment.

Symptoms of Peyronies disease

  1. Hard lumps or plaques on the penile tissue
  2. Painful erections which only last for a short period of time.
  3. The penis either curves upwards or downwards during an erection.
  4. The penis is no longer rigid during an erection.

Causes of Peyronies Disease

The cause of Peyronies disease has not yet been proved. However, there are different theories which try to explain why a man may suffer from this disease. These include, Trauma, medications and supplements and genetics.

Trauma or excessive strain in the penile tissue is said to be the most common cause. When the penis is bent severely, the penile tissue may tear. Consequently, a lot of collagen is secreted to facilitate healing.

Excessive secretion of collagen reduces normal tissue elasticity causing painful erections.

Medications and supplements that contain large amounts of vitamin C contribute to the production of excess collagen which as we have seen is produced incase of an injury to the penis.

Genetics is another theory used to explain the cause of Peyronies. Some patients inherit the condition from close relatives.

Some other complications including diabetes, heart disease and gout are also known to be potential causes of Peyronies disease.

Treatment of the condition

Peyronies Treatment PhotoThere are many methods which have been applied to treat the diseases although only few have been successful.

These include ointments which are applied on the affected area, X-ray therapy which kills the cells which cause the plaque, ultrasonic treatment and injections with drugs. Other more effective methods include surgery, and use of hydro pumps.

Surgery has been used severally as a treatment option although it exposes one to higher risk of side effects. One can either have simple corporoplasties which involves incision and removal of the plaque.

Grafting and penile prosthesis are other complicated surgical options which seemingly yield better results.

Although surgery is the fastest mode of treatment it can be the cause of adverse side effects. Such include permanent impotence which may further ruin a mans self esteem.

Medications are known to have major side effects on the correct functioning of the body and hence considered a risky option too. More people who suffer from the condition now opt to use the penis hydro pumps which offer natural and safe treatment.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy if you opt to use a penis hydro pump as an effective Peyronies treatment method.

How to use a hydropump for Peyronies treatment

A lot of people are opting for the hydro pump in the treatment of Peyronies.

Although the major use of these pumps is to solve erectile dysfunction problems and increase penile size, they have also proved to be an effective treatment option for the condition.

The hydro pump is a hollow cylindrical cylinder which is designed to fit over the penis. It is used to exercise the penile tissue by creating pressure. Unlike the vacuum pump, the hydro pump does not come with an external pumping mechanism.

The pressure is created by continuously pressing the device towards your body. It is convenient and does not cause excessive strain on the penile tissue.

If you will use the hydro pump as remedy for Peyronies disease, consider two sessions in a day with each taking an approximated ten minutes.

There are some precautions which must be taken if one will use the hydropump to treat Peyronies. For instance, one should only use the device if they have already progressed to the last stage of the condition, i.e. symptoms have ceased progressing.

Using the hydro pump during the initial stages of the disease might cause more damage to the penile tissue. This method will only yield results after being used for some time, however it will be safe and you can be guaranteed of sexual health after treatment.

Remember the main purpose why one seeks a remedy is to regain their sexual capabilities and satisfy their partners, a treatment method which permanently ruins your sexual health might not be a logic option.

Benefits of using the hydropump against other options

Safety is one of the things you should always consider when choosing amongst many treatment or enhancement procedures. The hydropump does not have devastating side effects and is often cited as the safest Peyronies treatment method.

Compared to surgery, hydropumps are cheaper and hence cost effective. Hydropumps can be used by almost anyone since they require little operational knowledge.

Depending on the brand you purchase, you will have a manual which has precise instructions on how to use the device. Unlike surgery, you will not need additional medication or pain relievers during the recuperation period.

Side effects of using the hydropump

BathmateUse of the hydropump might have some side effects although they are mild. For instance one might have bruises on their penile skin, pain on the penis and temporary numbness.

Hydropumps are seen as the safest way to treat Peyronies!

Why choose the Bathmate hydropump in particular?

The Bath-mate hydro pump has received many positive reviews from men who purchased. Some of them were patients who suffered from Peyronies and recovered after using the bath-mate hydro pump.

Among it features is the absence of an external pumping device as was seen in earlier versions of the vacuum pump. It is less painful and does not exert excessive stress on the penile tissue making it the best treatment option.

Alternatively, one can use it for penile enlargement even if they are not suffering from Peyronies.