Causes And Effects of Poor Sex Health For Men In A Relationship

EDPoor sex health is a condition that affects millions of men across the world, Poor sex health for men has been a serious problem that has affected sex life of most men. There are different causes of poor sex health for men who can be classified as either psychological causes or physical causes.

The two major psychological factors that lead to poor sex health for men are; poor relationship between partners, depression and stress. Poor relationship between partners can lead to poor sex health for men and most men may not be able to satisfy their partners sexually, To overcome such a challenge and to be able to regain normal sex health condition both partners ought to discusses things that are ailing their relation so as to find a solution. If partners cannot be able to handle issues in their relationship they need to seek solution from a relationship councilor so as to able to bring back normal sex health to a man.

Depression and stress has also been found to be a major cause of poor sex health for a man, many research has shown that many men have been affected by depression or will be affected by depression in one point of their life. When depression affects a man it leads to poor sexual satisfaction between partners and hence it significantly affects the quality of marriage or relationship, Therefore if the poor sex health for men caused by depression is no taken care of it becomes a big threat to a marriage or a relationship.

Some of the major physical causes of poor sex health for a man include; alcoholism, drug abuse and excessive increase in weight that can lead to obesity. Men who have taken alcohol for a long period of time have ended up being infertile because alcohol has been found to be affecting sperms production in men. Alcohol has also been found to be one of the major causes of depression that severely affects sex health condition in men. Under influence of alcohol most men involves them self to sexual behaviors that lead them to contract sexually transmitted diseases and hence leading to poor sex health. Men who are not addicted to alcohol can easily quit taking alcohol while those who are deeply into it require well trained people to take them through the guidance and counselling.

Overworking have also been a cause of poor sex health for men and therefore men who are involved in very hard work should always find time to rest and also should eat food that will help them recover the lost energy.

Age is also another cause that have been found to be a major cause of poor sex health for many men, as most men grow old they gradually become sexually inactive. In the modern world many men have changed their eating habits and this has led them to develop poor sex health, what you eat on daily basis greatly determines your condition in sex health. Poor nutrition and lack of balanced diet can lead to malnutrition which causes unhealthy sex life.

image.axdHaving a balanced diet assist in ensuring that body organs are healthy and also a balance diet give the body the required energy that is required for the maintenance of a healthy sex life. A good balanced diet also assists in blood circulation which is essential in sex health. In addition to a balanced diet drinking a lot of water assists in maintaining a good sex health, Water assists in blood circulation which assists in supplying bloods to all the organs that makes a man to remain sexually active.

A cheaper and most effective way of maintaining a sex health for men is through taking a balance diet. Many men after developing poor sex health becomes frustrated and may no longer have an interest in sex this in turn may lead to great conflicts in married and even worse the partners may end up separating. Men who develop a poor sex health should not keep this as a secret but should disclose it to his partner so that they can solve it together without affecting their relationship.

A man who develop a poor sex health should make his partner understand that with combined effort of both partners the condition can be rectified.