How Penis Pumping Works

Penis ExercisesPenis pumps are new devices in the market. They are kind of penis enlargement devices that are increasingly becoming popular. However, many people often misunderstand how they work. These articles examines different types of penis pumps, their operation mechanisms, and what you need to know before purchasing one.

Penis pumps are very handy devices when used correctly as instructed by the manufacturer. Its use can effectively result into a permanent increase in the penis length and girth. There are different types and models of penis pumps currently available in the market. Several of these devices have excellent designs, quality, as well as effectiveness while others, well, not so great.

Irrespective of the design or model, all penis-pumping devices make use of a simple concept. The pump consists of a void or a vacuum, which is formed when air is drawn from the cylinder. The resultant effect causes the penis to enlarge to fill the vacuum. Constant use of the devices over an extended period of years leads to an irreversible enlargement of the penis.

Components of a penis-pumping device

Most often, when one hears of a penis pump, what usually comes into their mind is the complete penis-pumping device. However, the device has two major parts. This is the cylinder, also known as the “tube” and the vacuum pump.

A straight or a “single stage” cylinder has one straight tube. The function of the tube is to pump the penis. These cylinders come in different sizes in terms of diameter and lengths. The smallest cylinder measures about 1.5 inches in diameter while the largest measures about 4 inches. So many penis pump manufactures usually make the 9 inches long cylinders. However, customized ones depending on client’s specifications are also available.

Whichever types and design of the pumping device you settle for; it is advisable that a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure levels should accompany the penis pump. Due to its principles of operation, there is a need to monitor closely the pressure levels when using the pump. This is because excessive amount of pressure cause fatal injuries or irreversible damage to the penis.

Penis pumping operation mechanism

Peyronies Curvature IllustrationDo not worry; this is not another physic class. Penis pumps works differently from other penis enlargement devices in the market. This is because it is experienced and performed from the “inside out” as opposed to other kind of exercises which are done from “outside in.” Let us examine what happens to the penis anatomy during the pumping process.

Drawing of the air creates a vacuum inside the cylinder, which makes the penis to enlarge in an attempt to fill the vacuum left by the expelled air. The enlargement is simply due to expansion of blood vessels, the corpus spongiosum, corpus cavernosa, the tunica, skin as well as pulling in of the lymph. The void also exerts pressure on the ligaments within the penis, which aid in the permanent increase of the penis.

One of the major advantages of pumping a penis is that the penis will continue to grow irrespective of whether the pressure levels is increased or not so as it can fill the vacuum. However, one needs to exercise a little bit of caution by continually monitoring the pressure levels as well as the penis itself just but to make sure there is no damage inflicted.

Safety concerns

Man who wants to enlarge his penisJust like any other device, penis pumping has also its share of ups and down. There is a danger of the penis getting used to the feeling of the vacuum as the pumping progresses. One may not feel the pump work anymore. The user may be tempted to increase the pressure levels in order to experience the pull and expansion. However, the user should avoid this kind of temptation!

Inches of mercury abbreviated as in.Hg are the units used in measuring the pressure levels of the device. Zero in.Hg to 5 in.Hg are generally safe pressure levels. Exceeding or lowering the pressure outside this range can cause severe edema. Minor edema is not fatal however; extreme pressure may rupture blood vessels, cause painful sores, and to some extent, cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

Experienced users can exceed pressures above 5 Hg but this is only possible after lowering pressure in a previous session. However, beginners should never exceed or lower the pressure below the recommended levels. Users who experienced any form of pain should stop using the device immediately.

Although users may experience a d “dull pull,” they should never feel any pain during penis pumping. The users should release the pressure valve on the device when they feel any pain.

What to consider when buying a penis pump

Common sense should always prevail when using the device. However, what is common may not be common to everyone. Always buy and use a good and reliable penis pump. Avoid purchasing or using substandard penis devices. Cost is immaterial as there are costly pumping ineffective devices while there are affordable ones but very effective, and vice versa. In simple terms, you will get what you pay for. There are many reputable companies known for producing high quality penis pumps. Make sure the device you purchase is not only safe, but provide you with the results you desire.

Obtaining the desired outcome from a penis pump

Penis Enlargement DiagramAlthough all penis pumps operate under the same mechanism, not all of them will give you the results you desire. Therefore, you need to choose a pump based on what you desire to accomplish. A straight cylinder is ideal to increase the penis girth. However, make sure the pump you choose has the right measurements.

The golden rule is to select a cylinder, which is not more than a quarter inches than the diameter of an erect penis. You can move to the next size once your penis outgrows the size of cylinder in use. It is possible to achieve any desired penis length and diameter. For increased length, choose a cylinder that perfectly fits your girth of an erected penis.

Parting shot about penis pumping

The benefits of penis pumping are great. However, you need to select with a lot of care the type of penis pump you settle for. There are reputable and safe penis pumps available in the market that offers great results. One of such devices is Bathmate Hydromax.