The Top 3 Reasons to Have a Larger Penis

Top Reasons to Have a Larger PenisIt is to no surprise that you have heard time and time again that men want to have a larger penis. In the society that we live in, appearance is a major factor in just about everything that we do.

From going out to the supermarket to going to your partners’ house for drinks, you will find that sex appeal and the way that we perform in the bedroom are magnified.

If you do not understand why women like men that have a larger penis, you will quickly find out that having a larger penis will give you higher self-confidence, you will be able to get more women, and you will find that you will be able to have better sex when you have a larger penis.

1. Self Confidence

Studies have shown that men with larger penises live a happier, longer life than those who don’t. While this may not be “medically” accurate, the reason for this is because men who have a larger penis know exactly what they are working with and they have a higher confidence in themselves.

When you know that you are working with a larger penis, it is almost hard to not feel authoritative and strong when talking to women. You will find that having a larger penis will give you that confidence build-up you desire to get that girl that you want.

2. Attract More Women

You may think that women do not pay attention to men when they have their clothes on, but women are very mindful of men in the room and they will always take a glance to see what your penis looks like when your clothes are on. Men with larger penises will show more through their clothes and a woman can spot it from a mile away, which will make her want to find out a little more about you.

3. Better Sex

At the end of the day if you cannot perform in the bedroom then you are basically “exed” out of the list. With a longer penis you will be able to please your partner 10 times better than before by reaching into her in places that no man has ever been able to reach. Men with large penises will be able to hit the right spot for women to have an immediate and memorable orgasm.

Overall, having a larger penis is definitely beneficial for any man. If you are suffering from having a smaller penis and not being able to perform at your maximum level in the bedroom, you will want to try Bathmate.

Not only will you be able to get more girls, but also you will be able to do things in the bedroom that some men can only imagine.