Top Reasons Women Desire a Bigger Penis

Top Reasons Women Desire a Bigger PenisWhen it comes to having a larger penis, you will find that women absolutely adore a man with a bigger member.

If you are contemplating on whether or not you need to look into options to get a larger penis, you will find real answers to why it is definitely beneficial to have a larger penis for your woman.

Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why women enjoy a bigger penis.


A larger penis is flat out manly. Women are not intrigued by having a partner with a 3 inch “little friend” who doesn’t know how to rock the boat properly.

A bigger, fuller, longer penis is just manlier, more powerful, and more masculine to look at and admire that little Mr. pitiful. Women like to feel like they are getting a good “hit” from their partner, so having a man with a nice size penis is a plus.


While a man will not walk around naked each day to expose to the world his manly “goodies”, women can tell what you are packing beneath your clothes without you having to get undressed.

To a woman it is a complete turn on to have a bigger penis on hand that she will be able to please orally, sexually, and “manually”. It is what it is.

Women are intrigued by a man with a larger member.

Better Experience

Aside from the “looks” of having a bigger penis, women experience much better sex with men who have a longer and bigger penis. A penis that is fuller means it has more girth, which in turn will stimulate the vagina, particularly the vaginal lips far more than a thinner penis.

Of course, this is maximum pleasure for your woman and she will be thrilled at the orgasms and the excitement that she will get from a bigger penis.

Men with longer penises are known to last longer in the bedroom than men who have a small to average penis, so it is important for a woman to get a man who can give her 100% all the time, every time that she has sex.

Overall, a woman loves a man that can give her exactly what she wants in the bedroom and typically, the men that can do this are those who have a larger penis.

Fortunately, if you are a man with a larger penis are definitely in for a treat because once the word gets out that you are packing a large penis, the ladies will be all over.

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