4 Reasons Women are Not Pleased in the Bedroom

Reasons Women are Not Pleased in the BedroomIf you are wondering, what you are doing in the bedroom to make your sex partner run the other way you will find out what you are probably doing and not doing that is making her run. It can be a very emotionally painful feeling to see your woman get up after sex without a smile on her face.

Better yet, it is an even more painful and embarrassing feeling when you are having sex and your partner is not responding. Here you will find the top 4 reasons why most women are not being pleased in the bedroom.

1. Emotional Attachment

Men are completely different from women and in the drop of a dime can get erected and will be ready to perform in the bedroom. While women on the other hand are emotional beings. They are looking to connect with you aside from just the bedroom. They want to know that you care about them, that you really believe in them, and that you are really into them.

If you notice, in the beginning of relationships, sex is always great and then it dies down. Well this is because the connection between you and your partner has watered down tremendously.

2. Your Insecurities

Women are insightful and they are known to just read the average man to the point where without us having to open up our mouth they know exactly what we are thinking. With that being said, it is quite obvious to your girl that you are insecure in the bedroom. One of the biggest turn offs for a woman is to be having sex with a man who is insecure and who does not have confidence.

3. Boring

Sex can be quite boring sometimes, so you will find that keeping things “sexy” and “spicy” in the bedroom is a much wanted fix that a woman desires. Doing the same old position time after time can get very old and it can ruin your whole sex life.

4. Performance

When it comes to performance in the bedroom a woman wants to be able to have a man who can give it up and keep it up for as long as she needs. It is quite frustrating for a woman to lie in bed after a long day and seeing that her mate has peaked after two minutes of intercourse.

Additionally, having a smaller penis that isn’t offering anything beneficial as far as pleasure is concerned can be a trying stage for a woman.

Overall, men are supposed to be there in full effect when women are in the bedroom, whether it is from putting her first emotionally, to giving her a little change, to giving her a memorable long lasting penis.

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