The Best Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Top-Male-Enhancement-ExercisesErectile dysfunction has become a common phenomenon among men. Currently, approximately 30 percent of men experience it or have ever experienced it in their life time. This is a condition in which the male penis is incapable of erecting long enough to satisfy a woman. It is a common problem among men and a number of people shy off discussing it with their fellows. The good news is that there are numerous solutions to this problem and al that one requires is just to stay relaxed and choose the best and most appropriate one.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction are basically mental and may include anxiety, low self esteem, stress, anxiety about your performance among others. These mental problems greatly interfere with the coordination between the brain and the associated organs hence resulting to poor hormonal distribution. The result is non erect penis. Other non mental causes include high blood pressure, alcoholism, smoking, sickness, diabetic etc.

For centuries people have suffered desperately due to this problem. Others have experienced broken relationships while others have witnessed their wives sleeping with other men to get children. Today things have changed and even the men who don’t experience erections at all can now smile and have families and children of their own.

Scientists have been working for ages to find a lasting solution to this problem and indeed there are a number. The logic behind enhancing erection is ensuring adequate blood flow to the penis so as to make it hard and strong for sex. Below are some of the best remedies for erectile dysfunction in males.

Eat the right foods

A good diet is one of the greatest secrets towards curing this menace. Eat a diet full of high fiber content and low in fat and cholesterol. This diet will ensure proper circulation of blood through out the body as well as the genital area. As a result the penis will gain strength long enough to sustain an erection and give great performance. Eating right also makes the arteries healthy hence they can pump blood adequately to all parts of the body.

Use of natural herbs

From the olden days, certain herbs have been known to cure erectile dysfunction. These herbs enhance blood circulations around the genitals hence causing and sustaining erections. The basic advantage about these herbs is that they have no side effects and if any then so little. The natural herbs are very effective and various communities have tested and proved their effectiveness. Examples are cinnamon, garlic etc.

Vital vitamins

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body also cause erectile dysfunction. Such vitamins include vitamin A and zinc mineral. Supplementing these minerals and vitamins in an individual’s body will greatly enhance his ability to develop and sustain erections throughout the sex. The supplementation of these nutrients has fewer risks attached and individual can use them without any fear of developing side effects. They cost little money and they can be easily obtained from any nearest physician.


Exercising regularly helps maintain the body in sound mind and good thinking. A good exercise for the body will ensure adequate blood flow to the brain and all the other parts of the body effectively. As a result the arteries will pump blood with enough pressure to reach all the body parts including the genitals. The exercise needs not to be strenuous but should be slight to avoid pain to the body. A good exercise includes walking, jogging, swimming among others.

Reducing the stress level

persuade-295x300Stress is the greatest enemy of sexual performance. Stress can even cause impotency on individuals who are sexually active and have had a good sex history. Stress interferes with the coordination between the body and the brain. The interference results in secretion of little or no hormones to facilitate the erection process.

A number of things have been known to reduce stress; they include regular exercises, feeding right, active interaction with friends, and visit to psychiatric, meditation among others. These greatly help in reducing stress hence enhancing an individual’s sexual performance.

With the above remedies, men have every reason to smile and confidently face their problems without shame. Erectile dysfunction is real and the fact is that millions of people experience it, but only a few admit having such a problem. It is important therefore to choose the treatment method that suites you and confidently enjoy living your life.