The Wonderfully, Stunning, Revolution Of The Penis Pump


ED SymptomsErectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common and growing problem with middle aged men around the globe along with other problems related to impotence.

Not really a medical problem, but none the less still a very common issue with men in the world is penis enlargement. There are several different methods for treatment of these kinds of issues.

Some of those impotence and penis enlargement solutions and treatment methods are listed below to give you an idea of what kind of possibilities the market can currently offer you.

  • Supplements and Pills
  • Medication (both over the counter and prescription)
  • Clamping (dangerous and usually not recommended)
  • Weight Hanging
  • Surgery
  • Cosmetic
  • Penis Pumps

A revolution has been occurring around you though and you haven’t even released it. There is a solution that could very possibility benefit you if you have one issue or the other and guess what? Even if you have both issues it can help solve both!

This possible solution that may interest you would be the last listed above, Penis Pumps!

The Operational Details of the Penis Pump

The penis pump device is cylindrical in shape and is then fitted over you penis. The penis pump device can be powered manually or by a motorized pump that is used to create suction.

It engorges your penis while blood is then drawn into then penis as it creates a partial vacuum around your penis.

As stated above, the penis pump devices can be used to conquer the syndromes of impotence as well as increase the length of you penis! How great is that? Two birds with one stone!

After the pumping process is finished, you will use a ring that is usually fitted on your penis. The compression ring is then attached to the end portion of the cylinder then watch the magic happen as the penis pump makes your penis erect!

After you gain your erection, you push the compression ring using your hand on your penis base. Make sure you do this before releasing and removing the vacuum.

The compression ring is used to restrict the flow of blood into your erected penis, which allows you to keep your erection even in the company of the problems caused by erectile dysfunction.

Penis ExercisesYou should be able to maintain your erection for a considerable amount of time, but most literature from the manufacturer(s) recommends in order to make sure you keep yourself safe, the compression ring will need to be detached after roughly 30 minutes.

Be aware, that extreme prolonged use (usually several hours) can result in everlasting harm.

This is not a unique issue to just penis pumps, but is actually rather common with most erectile dysfunction (ED) medications, supplements and pills, and other erectile dysfunction (ED) solutions.

A lot of brand name erectile dysfunction (ED) prescription medications broadcast a message in their advertisements that if you maintain an erection for more than four hours, seek immediate emergency medical attention or else you may cause permanent damage to your penis.

So, this is definitely not a specific issue tied to just penis pumps.

Also, in many cases, it is very common for a personal lubricant is used in conjunction with the penis pump and compression ring(s).

You should note that the lubricant cannot be harmful to the compression rings but that is often researched by the manufacturer of your penis pump. Often times, the manufacturers even provide you with the lubricant. So you won’t have to spend extra money on it!

A study completed in St. Peter’s Urology Department in London investigated the uses and successfulness of penis pumps in aiding the problems that they are stated to help with by the manufacturers.

Those problems include erectile dysfunction (ED) and male penis enlargement and enhancement as stated above. Another problem that they decided to study was the use of a penis pump in the use of aiding Peyronnies disease which is a curvature of the penis.

After a clinical and statistical study of 12 weeks using a common penis pump/vacuum pump the study results revealed there were convincing increases in penile length, curvature angle, and pain.

During the study, the participants with Peyronnie’s disease used the penis pump in two ten minute pumping sessions a day for the duration of the 12 week period.

They also found that the participant’s penis length grew an additional .5 cm total in length on average. This result was an accidental byproduct of the study. It was not engineered, what so ever! What an amazing result!

Thirty three percent of the participants found that they had the above result. A little bit of extra length on your penis couldn’t hurt anyone. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Keep in mind, this was an unintended result of the study!

Where to Buy

Bathmate Penis Pump DiscountYou can buy penis pumps in several different market environments. Some examples are listed below:

  • Retail Storefronts
  • Pharmacies
  • Sex Recreation Stores
  • Online Retail Stores

In fact, if you are on Medicaid it is possible that your insurance may cover the penis pump purchase provided you have received a recent and valid prescription from your doctor.

If you don’t have Medicaid and instead have private insurance you may need to contact your insurance company to find out if they cover the purchase costs of your penis pump assuming you have a prescription on hand.

It is possible for you to purchase a penis pump without a prescription, but the cost of your penis pump will most likely come out of your own pocket.

Be sure to do some research into what manufacturer you would want to choose before selecting and purchasing your new penis pump. Look into the reviews and customer feedback about the product before purchasing it.

These principles apply to the responsible purchase of any new item really, it’s better to be an informed consumer than not! One reputable company you might look into is Bathmate. They have a nice website where you can browse their great products.


We truly wish you the best in purchasing your new penis pump and hope you have wonderful results! Thanks for reading!