Sex Health – Why Is It So Important for Men?

how-to-attract-beautiful-womenSexual ability is very crucial in a man; it is a subject that is sensitive to talk about especially to those that have sexual ability problems. Low sexual ability that is caused by size of the man’s penis is a very big embarrassment for every man; it causes breakups and even ruins marriages. A man with a small penis is likely to have low self esteem since sexuality is what makes a man and not being able to satisfy a woman can be devastating and degrading for a man.

One major factor that helps men to attract women is confidence, when a man is confident he is easily able to attract a woman since he will be able to express himself to win the woman over. Confidence starts from being comfortable with yourself especially physically, when a man thinks low of himself because of sexual disability or maybe he thinks that he has a small penis he is likely to lose confidence when it comes to women. For you to gain confidence you should look for a solution to your problem may it be erectile dysfunction or a penis size problem.

All this starts with attaining good sex health, to get that good health you need to exercise regularly. Regular exercise helps one to gain self esteem since one becomes physically fit, it also helps in improving ones blood flow hence assist in male arousal. Apart from exercise men also use various herbs that helps in increasing the sperm count hence increasing ones libido, such as the horny goat weed. There are also foods that can boost men’s sex health, such as foods containing L- Arginine such as garlic, spinach and onions. Foods containing vitamin c such as blueberries improves blood circulation hence ideal in sex health for men.

Health-Benefits-Having-SexAs far as penile enlargement is concerned many ideas have come about, helping men increase the penis size and hence making them more confident when with a woman. There are also natural ways that helps in penis enlargement, one of these natural ways include corpora cavernosa exercise. This exercise involves expanding the corpora cavernosa which are chambers that are situated inside the penis; they become fully saturated with blood every time a man gets aroused. The exercise therefore assists in expanding of these chambers. This exercise is achieved by gripping a partially erected penis firmly with your hand pulling it forward while forcing blood to circulate within the corpora cavernosa towards the head of the penis, it should take you three to four seconds to do it, but ensure that you do it slowly, repeat this exercise for about ten minutes in a everyday. This form of exercise is known as jelqing.

Another natural way that one can use to increase the penis size is by use of a hot towel, what you do is deep a hand towel in hot water then wring the towel out and wrap it around the penis three to four times in a period of five minutes. This is known to help enlarge the penis naturally according to Robert Chartham a British doctor.

Stretching the penis using some kind of weight is also a natural way of enlarging the penis. To do this you should fully erect the penis then you can use a towel to act as a weight, place the towel on top of the penis and flex the muscles to enable the penis to lift the weight of the towel, repeat this ten times in four to five sets. Avoid adding more weight as it may only cause damage to the penis.

124645719-e1330648014423-300x283In artificial penis enlargement there is the use of penis pumps. These pumps help to draw in blood into the penis, they are partially vacuum cylinders that are placed over the penis and create some kind of suction that helps draw the blood into the penis hence enlargement it. Penis pumps are very efficient ways of penis enlargement, not only do they help to enlarge the penis they also work well together with other penis enlargement exercise in creating the ideal percentage of erection while carrying out the exercise. Penis pumps have been found to be very effective and many men have opted to use them over the years.

Some men opt to use surgical procedures to have their penis enlarged, the surgical procedure is somehow risky and complicated hence there are a few doctors who are qualified to carry out the procedure worldwide. Although very effective it is also expensive hence not everyone who needs a penile enlargement can afford to pay for it.