Penis Pumping – A Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronies Curvature IllustrationErectile dysfunction is one of the reproductive health conditions that affect so many male across the world. Very few men usually come out to seek treatment or talk about it. However, there are wide ranges of medical interventions as well as products that can offer remedy to this condition perceived by many sufferers as embarrassing. These products are either prescription or non-prescription based therapies. They come in form of pills, surgical procedures, and penis pumps. Penis pumping is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. Also known as vacuum constriction devices these products are giving a new lease to sexual life of so many men.

Components of a penis pump

Penises pumps are helping men around the world attain as well as maintain an erection desired for a successful sexual intercourse. This is a great relief to many men out there who are suffering silently from erectile dysfunction. A penis pump consists of an acrylic cylinder and a pump. The pump can be a handgrip, an electric gadget, a plunger, or a squeeze ball. Attached on one end of the device is a rubber band or a constriction ring.

How does a penis pumping device works?

Usual Penis Pump Device

The tube and the pump create a void that helps the penis to attain erection. The constriction ring or the rubber band assists in maintaining erection. As the user pumps the device, it draws out air from the cylinder creating a void inside the cylinder. This enhances the flow of blood into the penile tissues. The user then slides a rubber ring over the penile base to maintain the erection on removal of the penis from the pump. However, some people may feel the vacuum erection being different from real thing. Some men describe it as spongy and a little flaccid while other say it is cold or numb. However, clinical studies indicate a high level of satisfaction among men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

How to use a penis pump?

Penis pumps are handy and very easy to use. The procedure below illustrates how you can use a penis-pumping device.

  • Insert the penis inside the device. The device can be either hand pumped or battery operated.
  • Begin pumping the device. This action creates a vacuum inside the cylinder. This enhances blood flow into the penis making it to erect and become harder.
  • Slide the constriction band to the base of erect penis. You can use a lubricant to help prevent friction between the penis skin and the rubber.
  • Release the vacuum and then remove the pump.

To help maintain the erection, the user can attempt an intercourse with the constriction band intact for about 30 minutes to allow for a successful sexual intercourse. In case you have bought a non-prescription pumping device, you need to ensure that it has a quick release pressure valve. There have been cases of injuries inflicted on the penile with penis pumps that lacked a pressure release valve or release the pressure slowly.

How well does a penis pump works?

Clinical trials indicate that approximately 50 to 80 percent of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are satisfied with the results of penis pumps. However, just like with any kind of therapy for erectile dysfunction, the level of satisfaction may decline with time.

Who should consider using a penis pump?

The penis pumping is safe and all men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by several conditions such as diabetes, poor flow of blood to the penis, and psychological problems such as depression or anxiety can use it. However, men with significant congenital bleeding disorder or any disorder that predisposes them to priapism should avoid using the device. Priapsim is a prolonged erection lasting several hours, which sometimes can be painful. Examples include leukemia or other types of blood conditions.

Side effects of penis pumping devices

It is true that an erection attained using a penis pump is not similar to a natural erection. The penis tends to become purplish in color, numb or cold. Other side effects may include:

  1. A blue and black spots or small bruises inflicted on the penis shaft. However, these effects are usually painless and disappear after a few days.
  2. Decrease in ejaculation force. The constriction rubber traps semen during ejaculation. This is painless and not fatal. Generally, the semen will dribble out on removal of the constriction band. Similarly, it does not hamper the pleasure of orgasm or climax.

How much does a penis pump cost?

There are several effective and safe types of penis pumps in the market. They can be either prescription only or non-prescription devices. Depending on the brand and type, the average cost of a penis pump in the market ranges from USD 300 to 500. Battery run models are extremely costly. However, they are faster than other types of devices. They are also ideal for men with weak hands, arthritis, or coordination problems.

Is there an insurance cover for penis pumps?

Penis Enlargement with Bath mate hydropumpsSome insurance companies cover at least a portion of the acquiring a penis pump, particularly if erectile dysfunction is listed as a medical cause. However, certain insurance firms do not cover for the pump, unless under extreme conditions. Clinical studies indicate that device has proved helpful in penile rehabilitation. Some form of therapies such as radical prostatectomies may damage the nerves resulting into temporary impotence. Prolonged length of time without spontaneous erection may make the penile tissues atrophy. This can cause long-term dysfunction. Studies have also shown that postsurgical use of a penis-pumping device may help in reversing this damage.


Vacuum constriction devices are available over the counter. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instruction as stipulated on the product label to avoid inflicting any injury or harm on your penis. Just like in all other methods, there is no magic or overnight miracle to your problem of erectile dysfunction. In order to achieve any meaningful results, you need to be patient and keep to your training sessions. If you are looking a penis pump that can solve your erectile dysfunction problems, then consider Bathmate Hydromax.