5 Ways to Attract a Woman Properly

Ways to Attract a Woman ProperlyAs a man, we sometimes wonder what the best ways to pick up women are and we sometimes reach a stumbling block that does not allow us to see past our previous experiences with women.

Here you will learn the proper ways that you can pick up a woman and have her calling you back within days for more.

1. Self Confidence

A woman can smell a man a mile away who is lacking self-confidence and believe me, she will run the other way at just the thought of a man who doesn’t feel good about himself.

You can be the ugliest person in the world and have a boost of confidence and know you have it all together and women will feel more attracted to you.

This is because a woman knows exactly what she wants and she wants a man who is able to supply all of her needs plus some.

2. Grooming Yourself

While there may some sexiness from a man with a little beard and a “somewhat” rough and scruffy look, a woman definitely does not want a man who actually “is” a scruff.

Having a well maintained haircut, a proper amount of facial hair, and a good smell is definitely a must amongst women, so making sure that you are always presentable, cleaned up and you are actually clean is definitely important.

3. Being a Nice Guy

As much as women may say that they like bad boys, deep down inside women want a good man that will make them feel good and that will take good care of them.

Security is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to things that women desire from a man, so not caring and being a total jerk is definitely not the way to go with a woman.

4. Not Manipulating

While women want a man who will take care of them and are nice guys; they most certainly do not want a manipulative person who is going to control their total life. Making sure that you know when you are crossing the line is important for the life of your relationship.

Ways To Attract a Woman5. Not Seeming Desperate

Women who see a guy that is desperate are immediately turned off and will run the other way as soon as they smell you, so making sure that you are not too overly “mushy” and overly concerned is also important.

As you can see, there is definitely a happy medium when it comes to pleasing women. You will want to make sure that you have enough confidence to do everything listed above plus work it in the bedroom.

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